White Right: Meeting the Enemy (2017) – “White Right: Meeting the Enemy” is a documentary film that follows the British journalist and filmmaker Deeyah Khan as she confronts and engages with far-right extremists and white supremacists in the United States. The film delves into the motivations and beliefs of these individuals, providing insights into their ideologies and the roots of their hatred. Through candid interviews and personal interactions, Deeyah Khan seeks to understand the factors that drive people towards extremist views and the impact of their actions on society.

White Right: Meeting the Enemy (2017)

Director: Deeyah Khan Other films they are known for: “Banaz: A Love Story” (2012), “Jihad: A Story of the Others” (2015)

Writer: Deeyah Khan Other films they are known for: N/A (As a documentary filmmaker, Deeyah Khan is primarily known for her directorial work.)

Release Date: January 20, 2017 (Sundance Film Festival)

The Good:

  • The documentary provides a brave and unfiltered look into the world of far-right extremists, offering insights into their beliefs and motivations.
  • Deeyah Khan’s approach to engaging with these individuals fosters understanding and empathy, leading to thought-provoking and compelling conversations.
  • The film sheds light on the dangers of hate ideologies and the importance of countering extremism through dialogue and education.

The Bad:

  • Some viewers may find the subject matter and interviews with extremists to be disturbing and challenging to watch.
  • Due to the sensitive nature of the topic, the documentary might be criticized for giving a platform to extremist views.

“I don’t want to be hateful. I don’t want to be full of anger. I want to live my life with love in my heart.” – Deeyah Khan (spoken during the film)

Cinematic Importance: White Right: Meeting the Enemy (2017) holds significant cinematic importance due to its courageous and impactful exploration of the world of far-right extremism and white supremacy. Director Deeyah Khan’s approach of engaging with these individuals directly, seeking understanding and empathy rather than confrontation, distinguishes this documentary from conventional reporting on the subject.

By delving into the motivations and beliefs of extremists, the film offers a glimpse into the complexities of their ideologies, the factors that contribute to radicalization, and the dangers posed by hate-fueled worldviews. In an era when extremist ideologies continue to be a global concern, “White Right: Meeting the Enemy” contributes to the dialogue on countering extremism and the importance of fostering empathy and understanding in addressing these issues.

The documentary’s release at the Sundance Film Festival provided it with a platform to reach a wider audience, sparking conversations about the roots of hate and the need for constructive engagement to combat extremist narratives. As a documentary filmmaker, Deeyah Khan has been recognized for her brave and thought-provoking work, which highlights pressing social issues and promotes discussions for positive change.

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