The Sixth Sense (1999) – “The Sixth Sense” is a supernatural thriller released in 1999. The story follows Dr. Malcolm Crowe, a child psychologist played by Bruce Willis, who becomes obsessed with helping a troubled young boy named Cole Sear, portrayed by Haley Joel Osment. Cole claims to see and communicate with dead people, a secret he’s kept because he fears being labeled as crazy. As Dr. Crowe forms a bond with Cole and attempts to help him, he also grapples with his own personal and professional issues. The film is known for its unexpected twist ending that has become one of cinema’s most iconic moments.

The Sixth Sense (1999)

Director: M. Night Shyamalan Other films he is known for: “Unbreakable” (2000), “Signs” (2002), “Split” (2016)

Writer: M. Night Shyamalan Other films he is known for: See above

Release Date: August 6, 1999

Domestic Box Office: Approximately $293.5 million

The Good:

  • Strong performances, particularly by Haley Joel Osment and Bruce Willis.
  • Effective atmosphere and tension.
  • Iconic twist ending that left audiences shocked and talking.

The Bad:

  • Some critics found the pacing slow.
  • A few viewers felt that the twist ending overshadowed the rest of the film.


  • Bruce Willis as Dr. Malcolm Crowe Other films he is known for: “Die Hard” series, “Pulp Fiction” (1994), “The Fifth Element” (1997)
  • Haley Joel Osment as Cole Sear Other films he is known for: “AI: Artificial Intelligence” (2001), “Pay It Forward” (2000)
  • Toni Collette as Lynn Sear Other films she is known for: “Little Miss Sunshine” (2006), “Hereditary” (2018)
  • Olivia Williams as Anna Crowe Other films she is known for: “Rushmore” (1998), “An Education” (2009)
  • Donnie Wahlberg as Vincent Grey Other films he is known for: “Saw II” (2005), “The Saw” series

“I see dead people.” – Cole Sear


  • Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times: “A ghost story with a twist that beats you over the head with its gimmick until you’re gasping for breath.”
  • A.O. Scott of The New York Times: “The movie’s greatest strength is its quiet, steady accumulation of emotional force.”
  • Rolling Stone: “The Sixth Sense is a ghost story of the highest order that will move you even when you’re not scared out of your wits.”
  • Entertainment Weekly: “What The Sixth Sense does, it does well enough to justify the hubbub surrounding it.”
  • Los Angeles Times: “The performances are splendid, the understated approach a relief.”

Cinematic Importance: The Sixth Sense (1999) is widely regarded as a significant film in the thriller and horror genres, not only for its suspenseful storytelling and effective scares but also for its iconic twist ending. The film propelled M. Night Shyamalan into the spotlight as a director known for his unique storytelling style and unexpected plot twists. It became a cultural phenomenon and a pop culture reference, and its impact can still be felt in discussions about twist endings and psychological thrillers. It also cemented Haley Joel Osment’s reputation as a talented young actor.