Donnie Darko (2001) is an American psychological thriller film written and directed by Richard Kelly. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Donnie Darko, a troubled teenager who experiences visions of a large rabbit named Frank. Frank tells Donnie that the world will end in 28 days, 06 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds. Donnie must decide whether to believe Frank and try to save the world, or to ignore him and let the world end.

Donnie Darko (2001)

Director: Richard Kelly is an American film director, screenwriter, and producer. He is known for his work on the films Donnie Darko (2001), Southland Tales (2006), and The Box (2009).

Writer: Richard Kelly wrote the screenplay for Donnie Darko based on his own story. He has also written the screenplays for Southland Tales and The Box.

Release Date: Donnie Darko was released in the United States on October 26, 2001.

Domestic box office: Donnie Darko grossed $110,494 at the box office in the United States.

The Good:

  • The film’s complex and ambiguous plot.
  • The film’s dark and surreal atmosphere.
  • The film’s performances, particularly Jake Gyllenhaal’s.
  • The film’s soundtrack, which features a mix of 1980s synth-pop and ambient music.

The Bad:

  • The film’s ending, which is open to interpretation and may not be satisfying to everyone.
  • The film’s pacing, which can be slow at times.
  • The film’s use of special effects, which is dated in some parts.


  • Jake Gyllenhaal as Donnie Darko
  • Jena Malone as Gretchen Ross
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal as Elizabeth Darko
  • Drew Barrymore as Karen Pomeroy
  • Patrick Swayze as Jim Cunningham

“The world is a vampire, sent to drain.”


  • “A dark, disturbing, and ultimately rewarding film.” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times
  • “A visually stunning and thought-provoking film that will stay with you long after you’ve seen it.” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone
  • “A brilliant and disturbing film that is sure to become a cult classic.” – Empire Magazine
  • “A challenging and rewarding film that is not for everyone, but is sure to please those who appreciate its unique vision.” – The New York Times
  • “A film that is both disturbing and thought-provoking, Donnie Darko is a must-see for fans of dark and twisted cinema.” – The Village Voice

Cinematic Importance: Donnie Darko is considered to be a cult classic and has been praised for its complex and ambiguous plot, dark and surreal atmosphere, and performances. The film has also been cited as an influence on other films, such as The Matrix (1999) and Stranger Things (2016).

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