We have a heavily curated YouTube channel. We are hoping to actually have some original pieces up soon but until then please enjoy our playlists below. From Movie Trailers to Soundtrack Videos from movies; Video games to just funny stuff that we have come across – there is a little something for everyone and everyone will find something to enjoy.

YouTube allows you to learn something new, explore pop-culture and of course delve into the past. As we add playlists to our channel, we will add them below and to the website.


Movie Trailers

If you have spent anytime on This Geeks World, you will realize or have realized that we are very obsessed with movies. We don’t care what kind of movie, we don’t care what kind of movie, we don’t care who is in it – WE LOVE MOVIES!


Movie Soundtrack Videos

Soundtracks tend to hold a movie together. Growing up as part of the MTV generation, when MTV actually had music on it, we also love the videos that went along with those movies. Who can forget the “Everything I Do, I Do it for You” from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. It was like have an extra trailer for a movie.

We will try to keep this one updated as much as possible and through in some nostalgia from time to time as well.