No Mans SkySo, I just read an article on the site Gadgets360 that Sony, Amazon and Steam are refunding digital copies of No Mans Sky regardless of playtime (click here to read the full article).  Great story from the folks at Gadgets360, but let me explain why I will not be seeking a refund for No Mans Sky.

Firstly, I am old school and bought a physical copy. Obviously, companies are not going to be refunding physical copies of the game. They have invested money in buying the copy I bought and they are not going to refund to me because I didn’t like the game. Add to that the fact that I have started buying from a more local source for my games (Level Up in Seymour, TN) and I would never ask them to take the hit on something like this. All that being said, had I purchased a digital copy, I still would not be asking for a refund,

no mans skyThe biggest complaint form the folks that are asking for a refund or those that are just not happy with the game is that it is not what we thought it would be or that Hello Games played the old Bait-and-Switch. I don’t know that I agree. They said we would have a really big space exploration game. Guess what folks they did give us a really big space exploration game. I agree that it is really boring and I don’t want to explore space anymore but we got what they said we were getting. People are pointing out that a lot of the stuff they said we could do isn’t in the game, this is nothing new though. How many times have you watched trailers for video games and then half they stuff they said would be in the game isn’t there? This is part of buying a first run video game. If you want to protect yourself from this, wait until someone you know buys the game, play it and then decide if you want to buy it or not.

no mans sky ps4 boxThe game is not fun so they should give my money back. This is a really bad precedent for these companies to start. I have purchased many a video game over the years and if I had been able to take back all of the ones that I didn’t like… I would have a lot more money. It is like buying a movie ticket, deciding halfway through that you don’t like the movie, walking out and then asking for a refund. I would have done this with Man of Steel – Zack Snyder still owes me money. I understand that companies like Amazon, Sony and Steam have to watch their market share but this is a bit much. See this for what it is, they want you to buy digital copies of the games you buy, not physical copies. If they can get you to buy a digital copy and offer a refund for a bad experience then you will buy more digital games. What is the problem with a digital game? It is yours and yours alone, you can’t lend it, you can’t sell it back and you can’t trade it. This is not about the big three, in this case, agreeing that it is a bad game, they are planning on proving that digital is the way to go. They are trying to make more money.

Anyway, I will get off the soapbox but I would like to make a petition to those of you out there that bought this game. Just stop playing it if you don’t like it. If this is the first game you ever bought that you didn’t like, you are lucky. If this is the only time you have been disappointed in a video game and you have been gaming longer than a few months, then I am shocked. Take your lumps and realize that this is part of buying any piece of entertainment. You might not like it but someone does. For No Mans Sky it is those people that like a $60 screen saver, but some people really dig a good screen saver.

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