What Kind of Gamer are you?

What kind of gamer am I?

I was asked this recently and it made me stop in my tracks. What kind of gamer am I? One that plays games, isn’t that enough? Now, in a day with so many games to choose from and all falling into different categories, you do have to align yourself with one game or type or another.

First person shooter games such as Call of Duty or Halo would have been my first choice until the Master Chief collection came out with all of the bugs that came with it and COD moved towards a hyper, faster-paced play style.

Puzzle games mixed with action have always peeked a certain amount of interest. With the imagining of the Tomb Raider series, at least the first one, I found a new respect for the blending of the two genres. Now with two kids under five in the house, I don’t get to play every day and often find myself asking aloud, “Now where was I, what was I doing and what in the world is the button for jump again?”

So I move on to button mashers. We all know these games and the one I fell in love with long ago that they have remade is Castle Crashers. No real thought to it, push the attack button as many times as necessary to kill whatever is on screen and collect the loot. I don’t have to remember the map or a complex story line, just kill things and along with them some time. These are the types of games I spent countless quarters on back in the olden days of arcades and happily hand over my onetime payment plus DLC for them today.

I know there are many games and types I haven’t even tried to bring up here. Some I’ve tried (Dark Souls players are a special breed that I respect but don’t understand) and some I love to watch on Twitch but don’t have the hours to sink into getting good at them anymore now that I’m an adult (looking at you Overwatch).

What kind of gamer am I now…  I’m an adult that finally has a little bit of money to spend on the games, a dad without time to play the games, and a kid at heart that still thinks Dig Dug is highly under-rated.  That’s what kind of gamer I am now.