nuka-world-1Welcome to Nuka World boys and girls, children of all ages. What do you add to the game that has everything… an amusement park themed after the most famous soda in 2077 – Nuka Cola. In case you are unaware, Fallout 4 released its latest and last piece of DLC – Nuka World. And I kid you not you get to go play in an amusement park. Granted it is a post-apocalyptic amusement park full of raiders,robots, ghouls, radiation and all manner of creatures, but it is an amusement park nonetheless.

Now, before I get any further, remember that I am the slowest video gamer in the world. I have not gotten through any huge amount of Nuka World, nor have I finished the main story of Fallout 4. I am completely enjoying this piece of downloadable content though and if it ends up being anything like Far Harbor I will finish playing this area completely before I move back to the game itself.

So far – and by that I mean there are about to be spoilers – I have gotten into Nuka World proper, I have met the three factions of Raiders that are living there and I am beginning to look around. The plot, so far as I can tell has to do with you becoming the OverBoss of Nuka World. You kill the current OverBoss and then you are chucked straight into the story. The three factions have to have their own portions of nukaWorld to play around in. They also have side quests. You pick up a new follower in Porter Gage – he is the guy that makes you the OverBoss. And after you have your marching orders, you start to explore the grounds of Nuka World in earnest.

nuka-world-mapNuka World is made up of several different areas, think Magic Kingdom, Epcot, etc. The six sections of Nuka World are:

  • Nuka Town USA – Think Main Street USA in Disney World only a little less cheery.
  • Nuka Galaxy – Tomorrow Land with killer robots.
  • Dry Rock Gulch – Red Dead Redemption in a Fallout universe… kind of. Not really. To use something close to home for me, think Tweetsie Railroad. Some of you will like that reference.
  • Safari Adventure – Animal Kingdom with GatorClaws, a Tarzan-style character and way more. Lots of mutated, radiated animals in this area.
  • World of Refreshment – My closest example of this is the Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta, GA. At least it would be if Coca-Cola restored your health and gave you special abilities from time to time.
  • Kiddie Land – Tea cups, a Ferris wheel, a castle and ghouls. What more could a kid ask for?

nuka-world-armorAlso, and I admit this is one of the main reasons that I want to play through all of Nuka World, you get a Nuka World branded set of Power Armor. I have found it. It is in the bowels of the World of Refreshment. It is behind a locked door and you have to hack a terminal to get to it. I don’t want to spend the Perks points to be able to get to it, but I will. I want that armor. I will have that armor. If Sony would give me mods on the PS4, I would already have that armor.

All in all, this is an awesome addition to the game. I really dig it so far. It is adding experience to my character and lots more junk to my stock pile. Can’t wait to see what else I find in Nuka World – the Happiest place on earth…. with ghouls… and raiders… and radiation sickness.