the-way-i-heard-itOne of the most recent additions to my podcast playlist is The Way I Heard It podcast with Mike Rowe. Any of you that have watched TV over the last 15 years have to have stumbled upon or just down right fallen in love with Mike Rowe. I am assuming that you most likely know him from his television show Dirty Jobs. Dirty Jobs ran from 2005 until 2012. It has not been officially canceled, at least according to IMDB but it is not currently filming. On the show, Mike Rowe boiled down those jobs that people probably don’t want to do but that make life civilized life possible (paraphrasing the tag line there). With his podcast, Mike turns not only that amazing voice but his thoughtful eye for storytelling onto interesting topics from history. He boils down the plot on these mysteries from history in a compact way that doesn’t take up all the space on your device and gives a quick podcast to burn through during your day.

“A series of short mysteries for the curious mind with a short attention span.”

mike-rowe-podcast-2At the time of this writing, Mike is up to 33 episodes. He has covered topics such as: politics, music and business. He picks each of the stories and then figures out a way to approach them so that you are not really sure who or what he is talking about. It might be as simple as changing the name of the person involved but in every case, he spins a yarn that is not the typical for the subject matter at hand. I would love to give an example, but it ruins the fun of listening to the way he sculpts his stories. You start to hear Mike spin a yarn you think you know where the story is headed and then it takes a complete left turn and arrives, very quickly somewhere you didn’t expect at all.

Did I mention that the podcast finishes quickly?

In a world where Nerdist and SmodCo podcasts can run more than 2 hours, Mike Rowe is the exception to the rule. I have yet to see one of his podcasts run more than 15 minutes. He opens the podcast with a zinger to get you ready for the topic at hand, has a brief pause for the cause in the form of an ad and then runs straight at the topic – flanking more famous parts of the story until the very end. I look forward to my download from Mike Rowe every week.

I look forward to my download from Mike Rowe every week. It is a brief podcast that always leaves me wanting more. I may have to go back and redownload all of them again just because. Great podcast and if it is not on your playlist, I couldn’t recommend it more.