Collider put out a great list of Underrated Female Superheroes. It is sad that it has taken society and pop-culture this long to realize that Superheroes can come in any gender and it really doesn’t matter. We always had Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman is great but there was also this thin line of other characters that never really got their due. Collider’s article is tight and well worth the read. Below I have included their list with some thoughts of my own.

Underrated Female SuperheroesOriginally from Collider:

Give these ladies a spotlight?

It’s 2023, and female superhero characters are still working on earning the respect they deserve. There are so many male superheroes out there — it’s honestly hard to keep track. While they are great, it is time for women to take the spotlight.

Whether they can swing a giant magical mace like Hawkgirl or fight crime inside and outside of court like She-Hulk, these badass female characters deserve their chance to shine.


Here is their list of Underrated Female Superheroes:

  1. Starfire – Always have loved this character from her start back in the day with the Teen Titans. Really dig the fact that they have started, in more recent times, to flesh out her character more and make her back story even more interesting.
  2. She-Hulk – She-Hulk has always been one of my favorites. Loved the TV show ( I know I am in the minority) and she rocks on the comic book page and always has. She probably would have been my number-one pick.
  3. Susan Storm – I guess Invisible Woman is on here because the FF hasn’t been in any of the main MCU movies yet but there have been several renditions of this character and they were all pretty good.
  4. Vixen – This is a DC character that I am not that familiar with. Apparently, she is Manimal (points if you get that reference).
  5. Gamora – Long one of the biggest badasses in the sci-fi side of the Marvel Universe, seeing her pop up in the Guardians movies and more was a blast. Zoe Saldana did such a good job playing the role.
  6. Zealot – I hate that Collider pegs her as a DC character. I know that she is now but come on! She was in Wildcats and had her own title in Image. I would love to see WIldcats get a big-screen adaptation.
  7. Hawkgirl – Another DC character that is very cool and deserves a lot more screen time. I think a Hawkgirl Hawkman series or movie would be interesting and very “pretty.” Maybe now that there is someone good at the top of the chain at DC we might get better movies.
  8. Valkyrie – I love every version of this character. Whether we are looking at old school blonde-haired, blue-eyed Valkyrie or Tessa Thompson playing the role in the MCU, Valkyrie has a unique backstory and is an amazing warrior.
  9. Raven – Super powerful, goth-like, daughter of a demon, telekinetic, oh and she can time travel. What more do you want?
  10. Black Canary – My biggest exposure to this character is in the movie Birds of Prey from 2020. In that movie, she was played by Jurnee Smollett-Bell. I dug the character and thought that she brought a lot to the table. I would watch more movies with that character in it.