So Elon Musk believes Instagram Bad Twitter Good? It almost sounds like a meme from back in the Napster days of Metallica saying “Napster BAD” over and over. What is funny is Musk used to say that ALL social media was bad (circa 2018) and no Twitter is OK. I wonder why that is?

Originally posted by Business Insider:

Instagram Bad Twitter Good?Twitter’s CEO, Elon Musk, says Instagram makes people depressed and Twitter makes them angry.

On Sunday, Musk asked his Twitter followers which platform was better, tweeting: “Instagram makes people depressed & Twitter makes people angry. Which is better?”

One Twitter account replied that Twitter doesn’t make them angry but makes them laugh. Musk responded by saying he does laugh a lot on Twitter.

Musk has expressed his reservations about Instagram before.


Here are a few of his points:

  • People make themselves appear better or happier than they actually are
  • People think they are not as happy as the people they see on IG
  • Elon Musk wonders if people should be using social media as much as they are or at all.

I think some of the points made above have some merit but overall I don’t think that Instagram is the only social media that is allowing people to make themselves look better and happier than they already are and I don’t believe that Twitter is any better than any other social media. Twitter does not have the visual aspect that IG has but on the same point, Twitter has its own set of problems.

One thing I will agree with is that people should probably use social media less. Instead of spending time on social media, go and read a blog, visit a good website. Read This Geeks World daily.