We lost an iconic actor in February of this year. As many have said if you saw Bill Paxton’s name on something, it was going to be good. He brought a certain professionalism and depth to every character he played whether it was the leading role or part of the supporting cast. I am going to miss seeing Bill Paxton’s names up in lights, seeing him take the screen whether it was large or small. Below are my Top 5 Bill Paxton Movies. I hope you enjoy and if you haven’t seen them… take the time.

  • top 5 bill paxton moviesFrailty – 2001 – Dad Meiks & Director – This is my favorite. Usually, I cannot put these in any order but number one in this list was easy. Thriller with a twist is the best way to describe this flick. Paxton directed and was one of the actors in this movie. I hate to spill too much on this one but it is part murder mystery, part suspense thriller and all in on the story front. When you are ready to take this one on, if you haven’t already seen it, dim the lights and turn your phone off. You will not want to leave it for a moment.
  • top 5 bill paxton moviesWeird Science – 1985 – Chet Donnelly – This will also make the list when it comes to goofy 80s comedies. In weird science, Paxton is the older brother to Ian Mitchell-Smith’s character Wyatt Donnelly. Chet is the antagonist, partial antagonist in the film. He gives our two heroes a hard time and ends up a turd by the end of the movie. Paxton is the stereotyped older brother to the extreme. You forget, until you visit it a new, how obnoxious and over the top he is. He might also be a little crazy, maybe more than a little.
  • top 5 bill paxton moviesTombstone – 1993 – Morgan Earp – Another brother role for Paxton in number three on my list. Everyone loves Tombstone. Paxton is one of the Earp brothers. His stability, acting chops and charisma shine through in a supporting role to Kurt Russell’s  Wyatt. He is a gun-toting law officer in Tombstone and we get to see him throw down during the OK Corral. Plus, he is sporting one hell of a mustache!

Wait a minute did he play a brother to a guy named Wyatt in two different movies? I don’t know that I ever released that.

  • top 5 bill paxton moviesTwister – 1996 – Bill Harding – Twister was all the rage in 96. Cows flying through the air, Carey Elwes as the bad guy. Helen Hunt in her first big role off from Mad About You. Bill Paxton is a storm chaser. He is the quintessential leading man in this one. He has a mission to accomplish and if he can get Helen Hunt to fall in love with him again, that is even better. Twister is very popcorn until the last 15 minutes or so. Once they are actually running from Mother Nature, all bets are off and the suspense and fear and hope that all of our main characters make it through really cranks the very simple plot to 11. Give this one another watch if you have not seen it in a while.
  • top 5 bill paxton moviesApollo 13 – 1995 – Fred Haise – I am a sucker for a true story. I am a sucker for anything NASA related. When you put those two things together in a movie with Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton and Kevin Bacon  – #TakeMyMoney. Appolo 13 tells the true story of three astronauts that almost make it to the moon. Instead, they have to science their way back to earth in a damaged space capsule. Blockbuster magic.

I hope that my Top 5 Bill Paxton Movies has not only gotten your mind flowing on movies you loved withis great actor in it but if you haven’t seen all of these – go watch them. Bill PAxton You will be missed.

top 5 bill paxton moviesHonorable Mention: Aliens – 1986 – Private Hudson – I can’t conclude without a toss up to one of the roles that started it all. Paxton in Aliens. He was great in Aliens. He didn’t have a huge role and he didn’t last very long but man he was good. I know this was not the role that I saw him in first, but you can spot those edges of Paxton-glory that we will see in future roles. He doesn’t steal the limelight but he makes sure that his time on the screen is memorable. He makes sure that he adds to the feel of the movie, to the ambience, to the mood. He fits in, in any role and takes the dialogue to a whole new level.