Top 5 Android Apps January 2021

Saw a great article from the other day. They did a Top 10 Android Apps. I looked through their list and I think I could cut it down to 5. So here we go.

  1. Resilio Sync – Resilio Sync lets you create your own private cloud that you can use to file items between NAS, PC, Max, or servers. These systems belong to you so you are in control of the amount of storage you have. The app automatically encrypts files during transfers to keep prying eyes from intercepting your data. Resilio supports PDFs, videos, photos, docs, and almost any file type you can think of
  2. Disa – Disais an app that allows you to chat on multiple apps using a single interface. The app eliminates the need to have multiple messaging apps free of charge. Its features include: dark mode, merges chats from different apps, unified by contacts, allows interacting with groups, and more without any hassle and again all in one app.
  3. Fabulous – Fabulous is a motivational and focus-centric app. It won Google’s Material Design Award. It is not just an average habit tracker but offers you more than what you will find on other apps. Track your goals to get slim, improve your sleep cycle, attain mindfulness, etc. Pick any habit and you’ll find corresponding content along with a strong community of millions of users where you can share and find help to motivate you along the way.
  4. Vlogit – Vlogit is a powerful video editing tool for YouTubers that is free. There’s no watermark even on a trial version. Make impressive videos, add sound effects and music on the go. Vlogit exports in 1080p, has no time limit and no watermark. It is also customizable and has animated openers, and stickers.
  5. Moncet – Monect connects with your PC or smart TV via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to act like a remote or a mouse or a keyboard. This functionality allows you to play game son the go using your phone as a controller. The app offers numerous sensors and button layouts that you can edit depending on your gaming style.

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