Tiffani Thiessen – Born January 23, 1974

Tiffani Thiessen was one of those crushes that I had as a kid watching TV. I think most boys wanted to date Kelly from Saved by the Bell. Over the years, Thiessen has kept her career going with guest roles on TV, starring roles on TV, and movie roles.


  • Saved by the Bell – I don’t think I missed this show when I was a kid. The whole cast was awesome and for kids of my generation, this was must-see TV. We saw these teenagers go from freshmen to seniors and even watched them go off to summer jobs and vacations to Hawaii. Kelly was the love interest for both Slater and Zack for most of the for seasons and the specials.
  • Saved by the Bell: The College Years – I dug the college years of the show as well. Kelly joined the cast after the first episode or two. Of course, the College Years brought about the Vegas Wedding where, years after it started, Zack and Kelly finally tied the note.
  • Son in Law – I am a Pauly Shore fan. Thiessen played Tracy, one of Rebecca’s friends from high school. She became a big part of the plot by the end of the movie after being drugged and looking like she had slept with Crawl. She had actually been drugged and made to look like she had been active with Pauly Shore’s character.

I’ve let a lot of my type A personality go. When you have a kid, the messiness doesn’t matter anymore.

-Tiffani Thiessen

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