The History of Swear Words

The History of Swear WordsThank you, Netflix! This was needed right now on TV. The situation that we find ourselves in leads us all to want to binge TV and curse… a lot. A lot of both. A lot of bingeing and a lot of cursing. The History of Swear Words is an informative, fun docuseries that gets it right. 

Nicolas Cage hosts this romp through our language with a lot of information and a lot of humor. Let’s face it, there are not many people in Hollywood that curse as well as Nic Cage. This is a 6 episode season, with each episode focusing on a different word. In the episodes, we get to find the history behind the word and also when the word was classified as a profanity or a bad word. Each episode also has a huge supporting cast with celebrities, linguists, and others all taking the stage to talk about their favorite words or the favorite uses of some of their favorite words. 

Realize that this is not for the faint of heart if profanity can cause your fainting. You can’t tell the history of swearing without… swearing. And if you are like me and profanity makes up fully half of your vocabulary then it is nice to see where the words we use come from and why some of them became profanities and how some have evolved to not be quite as bad as the used to be.