I am no respecter of spoilers or of spoiling movies for other people – Spoilers Be Damned. It is not because I am unkind or because I look to spoil someone else’s fun but I think the amount of time we spend focused on spoilers is a little ridiculous. I tire of hearing people shout “Spoilers” when you are talking about a movie. It is the verbal equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and humming so that you don’t hear something. While I attempt to not ruin a movie going experience for someone, I am also not going to stalk, quietly to my car before discussing The Force Awakens with my wife or nephews after we watched it. Assume, if you would, that if you are reading an article on This Geeks World, that you are in for spoilers. This is my one reminder of this fact for all of you out there. If I post something on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr – I will abide by the social construct that I should watch any spoilers I give out. If it is on this site and it is a review or commentary on a movie, if it is in a podcast – there will be spoilers I am sure. If you haven’t seen the movie, watch for them, be warned – spoilers ahead.

On the subject of the waiting period before Spoilers are ok… I would say the date the movie leaves the theater or the date it hits DVD/BluRay probably are good timeframes to abide by. Again, if an article on this site is about a movie, TV show, video game, etc – there will be spoilers. But we will try to stick to the idea that if the movie hasn’t hit the shelves of your local big box store that we will leave it alone as far as spoilers go for movies. TV shows and video games provide a different set of rules and I don’t know what they will be. If the game or show is reviewed on this site – spoilers in abundance. If it is on social media, we will try to behave ourselves. One last thing on spoilers. Why do you care? Is learning some little tidbit really going to destroy your entire movie going experience?

  • If this were 1983 and you learned that Luke was Leia’s sister before you went into the theater, does this ruin Return of the Jedi?
  • If you learned that Bruce Willis was dead through almost the entirety of The Sixth Sense, are you not going to watch it?
  • If you knew which of the endings of Clue was the real ending, does it make Tim Curry’s performance any less wonderful?

My answer would be no. Spoilers be Damned!