Social Media Trends to Watch in 2021

Social Media Trends to Watch in 2021In my day job, I deal with social media. I don’t know that I like it, I know that I don’t hate it but it is for sure something that I am glad I have team members to work on and I don’t have to do it myself. Each year there are predictions about what the trends will be in social media. Here are the predictions that I found from a great article on

  • Niche Communities – Look for the untapped niche communities. Those people that like one certain thing that is a little different or bizarre or just plain interesting but hard to define. If you can pitch to the folks that only like poodles that have had their hair trimmed into shapes with right angles… that is a niche community. That also means that if you can speak to their niche-dom you can have a rabid audience. 
  • Micro-Influencers – These are the influencers that have probably already found that niche community. Harness that micro-influencer. They have cultivated a following, they have started the conversation. Use them to push your brand or your business or your products to a new set of people that might dig what you provide whether that be a widget or a service. 
  • Macro-Influencers – This is the opposite of a micro-influencers… duh. But like the micro-influencer, the macro influencer has already gathered a group of followers and those followers are finding more people to follow them. Go after the macro-influencer if you can persuade them with money or swag or gear or services. For instance, if you can get Joe Rogan to push your product in front of his podcast you are reaching 20+ million people an episode. Talk about macro. And if you can grab a percentage of those people, you have harnessed the macro-influencer and turned that ad spend into money. 
  • Video Content – This is the one that I almost deleted. Of course, video content is needed and required in social media. But let’s analyze this a little bit. Tik Tok – this is the most off-brand way you can use video. You do not have to focus on the product, you can literally just push the boundaries around your brand and possibly get lots of traction from a 1-minute video about something funny or interesting or just weird. 
  • Direct Sales – If you have a product or service and you can sell that product or service on social media. On a channel that might not cost you anything but time or better yet where you already have a presence, why would you not sell that service or product directly?
  • Stories – Tell stories. Tell stories about your brand. Tell stories that get your customer involved. Heck, get your customers telling stories about your brand then you can check off lots of boxes. In fact get a micro-influencer telling their niche community a story about your brand to a macro-influencer in a video. Then sell them a product at the end.