So you want to play Bounty Hunter, well, Gamerant recently dropped an article that you might really dig. In “Games That Let You Role-Play As A Bounty Hunter,” Jake Fillery dives into some popular games that allow you to do just that – play out your bounty hunter fantasies.

So You Want To Play Bounty Hunter - Red Dead OnlineFrom the original GameRant article:

Ever fantasized about being a Bounty Hunter and taking down criminals? These great games let you do just that.

One of the greatest aspects of video games is not only the ability to experience a story as the protagonist but to immerse oneself in the world with a specific profession. Some games are enhanced by the ability to role-play and immerse the player into a deeper world.

One such profession that is greatly admired in fiction is that of a bounty hunter. The ability to track and hunt sentient prey for money feels like something out of a western. Some games allow players to fully realize themselves as bounty hunters, and with a sense of great fun.

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So You Want To Play Bounty Hunter - HitmanHere are the games that Fillery looked at:
I will be very transparent with the ones that I have not played. Please go read the article from GameRant to see more about those games.

  1. Red Dead Online – A whole profession dedicated to Bounty Hunting. To levels to pay for and an entire list of special Bounty Hunter cases. I don’t think Bounty Hunting gets anymore fun then in Red Dead Online.
  2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Never played this one but it is on my “To Play” list.
  3. Grand Theft Auto Online – Not as well planned out as Red Dead, also from Rock Star, but certainly fun. It should not have been number 3 on the list.
  4. Star Wars: Bounty Hunter – It is in the title and certainly is the hook for the game. Wish this one had been Boba instead of Jango but alas, that was not to be the case.
  5. Fortnite – No. Just no. This is not a Bounty Hunting game. No.
  6. Dishonored – Never played this one but it is on my “To Play” list.
  7. Fallout: New Vegas – I think every Fallout game has Bounty Hunter missions and they are always a blast. I think I liked the Bounty Hunting “stuff” in Fallout 4 better but that is just me.
  8. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor – I am sure that there are Bounty Hunter missions in this one but I didn’t play enough of it to get to them. Maybe the Bounty Hunter missions were the thing that could have gotten me hooked but to e honest this one didn’t hook me at all.
  9. Hunt: Showdown – Never played this one but it is on my “To Play” list.
  10. Skyrim – There are for sure some really cool Bounty Hunter missions in Skyrim even if they don’t
  11. Hitman – This one is obvious and maybe one of the easiest picks in the whole list. I think I would have moved this one higher up the ranking as long as you consider being a hitman for hire the same thing as being a bounty hunter.