Sara Gilbert – Born January 29, 1975

Sara Gilbert – I remember watching her a spunky kid on Roseanne. Watching her grow up on a show that I didn’t watch all the time. Seeing her pop back up years later on The Big Bang Theory and then seeing her really take the spotlight on The Talk – wonderfully quirky and entirely interesting.


  • The Big Bang Theory – Love here on this show. The character of Leslie Winkle is so dry and so funny. When the show first started she was the opposite of how most female characters were portrayed on TV. Love Leslie Winkle.
  • ER – My wife and I are currently working through ER on Hulu. I am anxious to get to the point where she makes her appearance.
  • Roseanne – Not my favorite sitcom of all times and I might be the one person who is not happy about the reunion but I did like Darlene. She had attitude. She had spunk.
  • The Talk – The Talk might be what Sara Gilbert was born to do. She is smart, funny, quick-witted and able to dissect an issue. Love her on The Talk. Wish I could watch it more often.

Respect your kids. They are their own people. I think sometimes we expect kids to be perfect when we’re not perfect.

-Sara Gilbert

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