Rob Zombie

Let’s talk about Rob Zombie Renaissance Man. He is a musician, a filmmaker and a screenwriter. He is amazing at all three and while I really dig his music, I want to celebrate his birthday (January 12, 1965) by talking about his movies.


  • House of a 1000 Corpses – 2003 directorial debut. Damn, I love this movie. It is old school horror with a new look and feel. Great casting, Great story. Well shot and well edited. Completely rewatchable. Sid fucking Haig – that is all I am saying.
  • The Devil’s Rejects – This is the follow up to 1000 Corpses. Talk about a change in mood and tone. You take the cast in Corpses and put them on the run in Rejects. It almost has a heist movie feel. Again, completely rewatchable and of the two, as much as I like Corpses – this is my favorite.
  • Halloween – Perfect homage to one of the best horror movies ever. New take on the movie and the theme. Deeper dig on Michael Myers as a character. You get to see Michael in the asylum, you get to see him working with Dr Loomis. Really a different kind of film.
  • Halloween II – I really love this sequel. We fast forward to a year after the events of the first movie. Michael is haunted by visions of his mother. Laurie is haunted by visions of his mother. By the end of the movie, Loomis and Michael are dead and Laurie is in an Asylum. I would love to see Rob continue this story and make it a trilogy.
  • Tom Papa: Live in New York – Just to make sure you are aware. This dude has depth. Go watch this comedy special. I love Tom Papa but this special in particular is shot well and really has Tom’s sense of style and the feel of his comedy.

You just have to do the thing that you feel is true to your vision, and then the audience will make the decision. But as soon as you feel like you’re creating a product to just cater to what you think they want, it never works. It always feels phony. And the audience can tell immediately.

-Rob Zombie

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