Did you know that you can Record Your Own Alarm Sound On Android? Of course, I guess we all knew that we could do that. For instance, you could record your own voice on the voice recorder app on your phone and then save the file to your phone. After that, it is as simple as using that file as your alarm.

Record Your Own Alarm Sound On AndroidIn the latest update from Android though, you can just click on the Record New button inside the APP and you are ready to go.

Now I am off to steal my wife’s phone and record me screaming as her new alarm noise.

Originally from TheVerge:
The built-in clock app now makes it easy to record custom alarm and timer sounds on Pixel devices.

Have you ever wanted to be woken from a dreamy slumber by the sound of your partner screaming at you to get out of bed, or perhaps your parents nagging you to get up for school? Well, Google has just the app update for you. The latest Android Clock app on Pixel devices now lets you record your own alarm and timer sounds. Ideal if you want to be woken slowly to the calming sounds of whales or something a lot more chaotic.

XDA-developers reports that Google has made it easier to set custom audio as your alarm sounds with the latest Clock app. While you could set custom audio recordings before, you’d have to copy the files over using a file manager app and then add them using the alarm sound settings. Now you don’t have to do all of that work because there’s a new option to record sounds right inside the Clock app.