This week… Procras10ation Episode 8 – The One Where We Fail To Read The Feed. We decided to play with some feeds from Google Alerts and see what hit today on the TGsW Google Alert Feeds.

Show Notes:

  • Penelope has made her debut early in this episode and stole the t-ball bat.
  • Tell Em Steve Dave needs to be on your podcast player, whatever one you are choosing to watch.
  • Of course, that has to be followed by a mention of Mike and Ming on I Sell Comics.
  • Top Gun 2 is something we just don’t need but I would watch a Hot Shots Part Tre.
  • Jason broke Thor’s Hammer off the wall in the podcast studio.
  • Laura is afraid of birds – just a comment because she was screaming during the pod.
  • Daniel found Rocket League and remembered why he loves video games. No real story just fun to play.
  • D & J both like FPSs but they are not good at them so they don’t play them that much.
  • Wait for some of these games until they drop below 20 bucks. Believe us it happens you have to watch for it.
  • We tangent to a discussion of Revenge of the Nerds and Porkys. We learned good lessons from these movies.

  • Bad comments about Monsters Inc and Sully’s underboob sweat.


Assassins Creed for Procras10ation Episode 8 – The One Where We Fail To Read the FeedVideo games look beautiful. Too bad their stories suck

Assassin’s Creed – The whole damn series. The Abstergo side sucks and the stories have too much future stuff that doesn’t matter. Jason really digs the early versions of AC so that he doesn’t have to work at the games. He just wants to enjoy the story.

Bat Man Arkham Series – One and Two are amazing and 3 kinda sucked – the story just fell apart.

No Man’s Sky – Laura calls it the most expensive screensaver ever. Boring, beautiful game that was just too big.

MarioWere the stories of the games of our youth really any good. The stories were not deep but they were enough to make it work. Jason calls for an x-rated version of the Mario Brothers movie – Bob Hoskins railing Princess Peach. All of the games of our youth were about saving the princess. Pacman had no story. Atari games had no story.

Far Cry great stories and very weird and interesting.

Just Cause good story and different.

Fall Out – the whole series.

New discussion about r-rated an x-rated video games. GTA 5 has topless hookers. And apparently, in God of War you have to pleasure Aphrodite with some button mashing madness.

There is a game that Jason played where you get a perk f you sleep with your mate. If you know what this game is please leave it in the comments below.

So how do you fix the story problem.

Mega Man CosplayMega Man 11

Does anyone really care about Mega Man beside cosplayers that cosplay as Mega Man. And we have nothing against Cosplay – shout out to Ivy Doom Kitty. Don’t care about Mega Man or about Zelda andLink. The last one Jason played was on the N64. When Daniel played Zelda he renamed Link Derrick.

Jason relates playing FF7 in college with a one hand rpg controller and then forgets what he is talking about. And the story never happens.

Mega Man had no story. Daniel claims that it did. He thinks he knows the names of the bad guy.

We do call for a Mega Man porn parody. All the bosses are female and his arm cannon is a huge vibrator.

We want free games with pay to play options on the inside. If we are going to have to pay for DLC then make the original game cheaper.

Jason proclaims the 10-Mini-tation as an upcoming thing. It is going to happen.

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