This week… Procras10ation Episode 7 – The One Where Jason Goes to Oz with Frankenstein. We are recasting some movies. You know because we have the ability to not only recast movies but apparently make them as well. Trust me though this is one hell of a recast. 

Show Notes:

  • Penelope has made her debut early in this episode.
  • Spiderman we like Tobey Maguire until number three even though he was 73 when he made them. And we have rehashed or re-imagined the spiderman universe three times in succession.
  • Batman numerous times, again in succession. Keaton, Kilmer, Cloney, Bale, Affleck.

Jason’s Re-Imaginings of:

The Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz - Procras10ation Episode 7 – The One Where Jason Goes to Oz with FrankensteinDirect homage using modern technology. The actors don’t have to have the same mannerisms but otherwise, it is a shot for shot remake of the Oz of old. There will be a lot of green-screen and a lot of optical effects as well.

Director: That role is up for grabs

Re – Cast:

  1. Dorothy – Millie Bobby Brown – I don’t know if she can sing but I think she would be fantastic.
  2. Scarecrow – Justin Timberlake – singing and dancing – good actor. Very funny.
  3. Tin Man – Harry Connick Jr – tremendous voice! acting chops – he and Timberlake would rock it.
  4. Cowardly Lion – Josh Gad – Olaf as the Cowardly Lion – Gad has Broadway experience and he would be amazing.
  5. The Wizard – Morgan Freeman – Come on. You know you want to see it.
  6. Wicked Witch – Mila Kunis – just like Disney I think she will rock. She has the prosthetics at the beginning as Gulch and then is gorgeous as the witch. Green make-up and all.

The Tin Man almost became Anna Kendrick, she and Timberlake would have been perfect together.

Morgan Freeman as the fucking Wizard of Oz!

Young Frankenstein

Young Frankenstein - Procras10ation Episode 7 – The One Where Jason Goes to Oz with FrankensteinThis is also an homage. This could even be perfect as a TV show remake in prime time.

Director: Mel Brooks directs again. Why? Why not?


  1. Frederick Frankenstein – Ryan Reynolds – He is the straight man and then the funny guy. You give him the little pencil mustache. Daniel doesn’t think that Gene Wilder was pretty enough to be a leading man.
  2. Igor – French Stewart – He might be dead but if not he would be good in the role of French Stewart. Let him squint the whole time. Wait it is not French Stewart… It is ACTUALLY: Charlie Day! Funny as hell. And he would be great opposite Ryan Reynolds. If Rowan Atkinson was still alive he would be the pick. And I thought about Katt Williams as Igor. And then Jason spins off to an African American Young Frankenstein with Dave Chappelle as Frankenstein.
  3. Inga – Almost Blake Lively – Christina Hendricks – Her doing the same lines as Teru Garr would be great
  4. Elizabeth – Scarlet Johansson – She could be Madeline Kahn twin.
  5. The Monster – Dwayne Johnson – Between the eyebrow and the physique he is made for this role. This was almost Vince Vaughn.
  6. Inspector Kemp – Will Ferrell – He has already done a remake of a Kenneth Mars role before.
  7. Frau Blucher – Cloris Leachman comes back again because she can easily play the role again.

Steve Carrel was also up for this role. John C Riley is in it for Daniel but I don’t dig him for Frederick. But John C Riley as Igor might work. Ricky Gervais or Russell Brand as Igor might also work.

Jason might know too many lines from this movie.

New Blazing Saddles with Kevin Hart as Black Bart.

Laura and Jason have a back and forth about Gossip Girls with some Dirty Little Whores thrown in.

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