YouTube LogoThis week… Procras10ation Episode 14 – The One Where We Teach You To Preview Review. A new feature on our YouTube channel: The  Preview Rewind. Something YouTuber-ish from ThisGeeks World. A commentary track for a trailer that you have probably seen and that you didn’t ask for. 

Show Notes:

  • We are going to start with the Best Picture nominees and winners for 2017.
  • The Preview Rewind is about our love of trailers. the teaser the advertisement for the trailer.
  • We dig into the beauty that is a trailer. We get mad when we are not allowed to see the trailer at a movie. We know that we could watch the Preview Rewind
  • We both hate on Hurricane Heist for a few minutes. This movie looks horrible. Why would anyone watch this piece of crap?  Click here for the trailer – if you dare. And yes, Jason has seen all of the Sharknado movies.
  • The trailer is an art form. The trailer can make or break the movie, or at least help you decide whether you actually want to see it or not.
  • The Venom trailer left Daniel feeling a bit meh. Apparently, that is the feeling overall but it will still be watched. We predict Woody Harrelson as Carnage and some Woddy on Hardy love.
  • Movies whose trailers disappointed:
  • Movies whose trailers rocked.
    • Anything in the MCU. They have all been amazing and they have never disappointed.
    • Goldeneye TRAILER GOLD!
  • We make some predictions for Infinity War and the MCU going forward – you know because you wanted to hear us talk about it.

Procras10ation Episode 14 – The One Where We Teach You To Preview Review
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