Patton Oswalt – Born January 27, 1969

As a professed stand-up comedy addict, Patton Oswalt is one of my drugs of choice. I really dig smart humor and when a comedian uses language well, wraps their humor and stories back around to a common thread, and at the end don’t mind getting personal by winging some truth at their audience. Patton Oswalt hits all of these points.


  • Talking for Clapping – This is his latest album. As always, very topical and spot on the pop-culture pulse.
  • The King of Queens – The main reason that I throw this out here, is that this is the first place that I remember really seeing Patton Oswalt and his time on the show stuck in my head. When I googled him, I realized that he was a comedian and I had to track him down.
  • Balls of Fury – A movie about Ping Pong… Dan Fogler… Christopher Walken… George Lopez… Patton Oswalt. This movie is funny as hell.
  • Agents of SHIELD – I am not a huge fan of the show but the fact that one of our Geek leaders, Patton Oswalt, was on it make me want to give it another chance.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return – Oswalt is Max. He is perfect in this role and again, he gets his geek out and wins major geek cred.

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I fantasize and idealize myself as Bugs Bunny, but I know deep down I’m Daffy Duck.

-Patton Oswalt

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