Patrick Dempsey

It is always fun when you get to learn something new about a celebrity that you like. Who would have thought that some race announcer has said: And It Is Patrick Dempsey for the WIN – at some point in the history of motorsports. So Patrick Dempsey, McDreamy his ownself, is an actor, a sex-symbol, a cancer philanthropist, and a freaking racecar driver. Damn, McDreamy!


  • Can’t Buy Me Love – This is actually my favorite Dempsey movie. I realize that it is old school but I can’t help it. Teen-angsty to the max and covered in 80s nostalgia, Can’t Buy Me Love has just enough corny to go along with a good story and a good moral.
  • Scream 3 – This was actually the next movie that I remember seeing Dempsey in. I know he had some other big roles in between but this is the next one that sticks out. He was all grown up and ready for a leading man role in Scream 3 and he was perfect opposite Neve Campbell.
  • Grey’s Anatomy – Not a huge fan of this show. My wife love sit but I do like the pieces with Dempsey in it.
  • Dempsey Center – According to Wikipedia:  “In response to his mother’s bouts with cancer, Dempsey helped start the Patrick Dempsey Center at Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston. In October 2009, when Dempsey introduced the first Dempsey Challenge, registration was closed after reaching the goal of 3,500 cyclists, runners and walkers. The event raised more than $1 million for the cancer center. His mother was in the crowd as Dempsey finished his 50-mile ride. The Challenge has since become an annual October event presented by Amgen in the Lewiston–Auburn area.
  • 2015 2nd Place Finish in the 24 Hours of Le Mans Race – This is one of the oldest and most prestigious endurance races in all of Motorsports. A 2nd place win – come on Dempsey you can’t be awesome at everything.

I think fame is one of those things where you have a window of opportunity and you have a certain amount of trust from the fans, and without that you don’t have a career.

-Patrick Dempsey

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