Oliver Platt Top 5

Oliver Platt Top 5Today is Oliver Platt’s birthday. In honor of one of our treasured movie stars let’s take a look at the Top 5 Oliver Platt movies as of right now. These are obviously my opinion, feel free to disagree and let us know what your favorites are or which one I missed. 

#5 X-men: First Class – This is certainly my least favorite, or at least one of my least favorite X-Men moves. That being said I like Oliver Platt in this movie. He doesn’t have a huge role and in fact, he isn’t named. He is simply called “Man in Black Suit.” He is a government agent. It would have been much better had he simply been one of the Men in Black – then he could have used the neuralizer and erased my memory of the movie – except for the part with Oliver Platt in it. 

#4 A Time to Kill – McConaughey, Bullock, Jackson, Spacey, Sutherland, and… Oliver Platt. A Time to Kill is the best adaptation of a John Grisham movie and it is the best acted as well. The whole cast rocks this script. Touching, heart-breaking, and all-around thought-provoking. 

#3 Three Musketeers – Please feel free to hate on this choice. I am not saying this si the best adaptation ever of this novel. But I am saying that it is one of the most fun. Porthos the Pirate is one of the most fun versions of a Musketeer ever. The whole cast is a blast but if you have to aim the best actor in this movie at one person it is Tim Curry.

#2 Lake Placid – Betty White is the best thing in this movie, hands down. Now, the rest of the cast is awesome but she is the reason to watch Lake Placid. Oliver Platt plays Hector Cur. He is some kind of weird millionaire adventurer. It is completely random but man, does it move the plot along. 

#1 Flatliners – Here is number one. They have made a remake, which I have not seen yet, but this is one of those flicks that I love and have watched a lot over the years. Julia Roberts, Keifer Sutherland, Kevin Bacon, and Oliver Platt are four doctors trying to figure out what happens after we die. This is a creepy thriller with a lot of heart and a great ending. 

Happy Birthday Oliver Platt!