Millie Bobby Brown

Born February 19, 2004

Millie Bobby Brown first dropped onto my radar as ELeven on Stranger Things. She is now on the list of actors and actresses that I will watch in anything. She has a presence that she should probably not have for a person her age. She is 14 as of the time of this writing and she is splendid.

Before you go down to the Noteworthy below, a bit of an aside: I chose the picture I choose to make one statement. She needs to play the young version of Carrie Fisher when Disney pulls the Mouse’s head out of its ass and makes a young Princess Leia flick. Just saying. I have seen the meme and those memesters are right.


  • Stranger Things – If you have not watched this then I am giving you homework. Neglect all of your current projects and binge-watching expeditions and go binge both seasons on Netflix. Damn good show and she and the rest of the young cast are the ones that make it work.
  • Her InstaGram – Just trust me. Worth the follow and worth looking through for a while.

I’m quite sarcastic, and I’m funny, but not kind of funny. It’s a weird funny, and some people don’t get me, and some people do.

-Millie Bobby Brown

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