I didn’t know that a Micro Smoke Machine existed. At least I didn’t know that I could buy one on Etsy. Now, I don’t really have a need for this but I for sure have a WANT for this. Can you imagine having a Halloween costume that would look really good with smoke coming off it it and actually being able to pull that off?!?

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From WaynesWorkshopStudio on Etsy:
Micro smoke machine PRO for a wide range of cosplay , costume , tabletop , photography and many other projects!
Complete Costronica Pocket Smoke PRO.
Quick connect push fitting (to easy connect/disconnect tube).
1 meter of tube to guide smoke to a point of your choosing.
Small bottle filled with smoke juice.
Remote control only! A for toggle, B for momentary.
Powered by a 16340 lithium-ion battery! (not included)
Connector for the LED, if led is purchased. (seperate listing)
Instructional video, available after purchase in your account.


  • This is a wonderful little gadget that worked beautifully for my needs adding remote controlled smoke and lights to my work Halloween costume. Thanks for bringing my jetpack to life!
  • Works perfectly with my ghost trap. Got the LED attachment and it’s so good Im ordering two more colors.
  • I’m completely satisfied! Super fast shipping, perfect seller service! An awesome upgrade for my Ghostbusters ghost trap (smoke and green LED)!