Kurt Russell

Born March 17, 1951

Damn, I love Kurt Russell. He is one of my favorite actors. I don’t know that I have seen everything he is in but it is not for lack of trying. Below is a very brief recount of some of my favs.


  • Escape from New York – 80s action movie gold. Russell is Snake Plissken and he is going into New York, which is now a prison, to save the president. So good!
  • Big Trouble in Little China – At least once a year, I have to watch this movie. I love it. It is part of my childhood. Again, 80s action movie gold. If there is part of this short list you have not seen this is the one to start with.
  • Tango & Cash – Good cop, bad cop. Rich cop, poor cop. They get to the same end they just get there in different ways. Russell and Stallone are out of this world.
  • Death Proof – I could not resist throwing in a Tarantino. Russell is Stuntman Mike and he chose poorly for his second set of targets to continue his serial killing ways.

I was brought up by two people who just said, Whatever it is you’re interested in, go do it. There is no winning or losing. You find out when you do it what the experience is.

-Kurt Russell

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