Justin Timberlake – Born January 31, 1981

Justin Timberlake


  • Can’t Stop the Feeling – Best Original Song – Academy Awards 2017 – Nominated
  • Best New Artist – BET Awards 2003 – Nominated
  • Can’t Stop the Feeling – Top Selling Song – Billboard Music Awards 2017
  • Saturday Night Live – Dick in a Box – Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics – Emmy Awards 2007
  • Justified – Best Pop Vocal Album – Grammy Awards 2004
  • Yogi Bear – The voice of Boo Boo. Perfect for the role and so much fun in the movie.
  • Friends with Benefits – He and Mila Kunis were great in this movie. And of that genre/theme that came out about the same time, it might have been my favorite.

I used to keep my Air Jordans icy white. I had one toothbrush for my teeth – and a couple of toothbrushes for my shoes.

-Justin Timberlake

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