As of today, Josh Brolin is Cable.

josh brolin is cableJust in case you missed the wonderfulness of this statement… Josh Freakin Brolin is Cable.

Now, in case you missed it, Josh Brolin has been acting in Hollywood for a long time. He was a huge part of my childhood, appearing in one of my favorite all time movies: The Goonies. I will be honest though – he kinda dropped off my radar, even though he was still working, until he popped up in Planet Terror in 2007. After 20+ years, Brand from the Goonies had gone and grown up. What replaced him was a leading man that was ready for anything that Hollywood threw at him.

Some of my favorite Brolin flicks:

  • Old Boy – 2013 – This is a remake of a Korean film. It might be one of the most violent movies I have ever seen and I am a fan of violent movies. Kidnapped and hidden away from years Brolin is looking for revenge.
  • Men in Black 3 – 2012 – Potentially Mr Brolin, doing his best Tommy Lee Jones impersonation was the best, maybe only, good thing about Men in Black 3.
  • True Grit – 2010 – You got have special people to remake a John Wayne movie. In this case, you have Brolin and The Dude, I mean Jeff Bridges.
  • W. – 2008 – Maybe Brolin’s best acting performance ever. He became President Bush. He was W.
  • Planet Terror – 2007 – Rodiguez + Zombies + Brolin as Dr Block = Cinema Fantastic!
  • The Goonies – 1985 – This movie was and is my jam! I love The Goonies. It is perfect from beginning to end. And Brolin as Brand might be the best big brother in movie history.

josh brolin as cableDown to business. When you see Josh Brolin next to images of Cable it seems like such a no-brainer. How did we ever think of anyone else playing this role? He has the look. Ryan Reynolds has a few inches on him in height but I think Brolin will look bigger as Cable. And Brolin definitely has the ability to play the straight guy to Reynolds Deadpool.

I never thought as a comic book collector back in the day digging through long boxes at the comic shop that I would see a Deadpool movie, much less a second Deadpool movie with Cable. Now Brand from The Goonies is playing Cable. Such a wonderful world that we live in.