James Van Der Beek

Born March 8, 1977

James Van Der Beek showed up in my pop-culture worldview when he appeared in Varsity Blues. Since that movie, I have been a fan and will watch just about anything that Van Der Beek appears in.


  • Varsity Blues – Varsity Blues is my favorite football movie. Think about the stars that it gave us: James Van Der Beek, Ali Larter, Paul Walker, and Scott Caan all came out of this movie.
  • Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back – Van Der Beek plays himself playing a part of the Jay and Silent Bob duo in the Blunt Man and Cronic movie. Hilarity and crass humor ensue.
  • Criminal Minds – Here is your changeup. Van Der Beek takes on the role of a serial killer in two Criminal Minds episodes. He plays Tobias Hankel. He captures Reid and tortures him. He is scary as hell.

The less seriously you take yourself, the better work you’re going to do.

-James Van Der Beek

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