gamer-clipartI am a bad gamer. I hardly ever buy a game when it first comes out. I like a hard copy of the game and at times I am turned off by the multiplayer/online aspect of most games. I am not saying that I am opposed to first run games, but I am opposed to paying the money you pay and not knowing what the everyday person says about the game when it comes out. I really like hardcopy of the game, actually own a physical copy of the game, much like y idea for collecting movies. And at the end of the day, I am more of a story guy than I am a multiplayer fast action guy. Al of that being said, I am not the typical gamer nor am I good for the video game industry.

no mans sky ps4 boxMy rule, a rule that my wife completely supports, is no game over $40. Now, I have broken this rule a good bit, most recently, this summer when I bought No Mans Sky on opening weekend. My wife refers to this game as the $60 screen saver. Had I waited, talked to some folks that had played it that were not part of the industry, I could have saved 20 bucks or more. As it is, I now own a game that I will probably never play again. It was fun, it was exactly what they said it would be but it is not what I really wanted to play. It is not my style of game. And by breaking my Under $40 Rule, I don’t have a game I really like.

I do though have a physical copy of the game. This means that I can take it back into my local game store and trade it in on something else. I am not stuck with it. Sony, Amazon and Steam have issued refunds for this game but I don’t know that I agree with that, either. The main reason that I am opposed to these refunds is they are not some altruistic ruling from the gaming companies. The refund did not come from Hello Games, the creator of No Mans Sky. The refunds came from these huge companies to get us, the gaming public to bu digital games. There are lots of reasons that digital is better than physical but the main reason is that… you own it. With digital, these companies have a little more control over your digital and gaming life. With a physical copy, I can just hand it off to someone else for them to play. Try that with a digital copy.

assassins-creedLastly, I am an RPG guy. I am the person that gets the newest Call of Duty game (by newest I mean the latest one that is under $40) and plays through the single player game. I am much more of a Fallout, Assassins Creed and Just Cause gamer than I am any of the hot new First Person Shooters that are out. I do like a good shooter but I prefer a little more story and quite frankly a little less social interaction when I am gaming. This makes me a triple threat in the world of bad gamers. I am not the guy that is going to run out and buy the latest Call of Duty, because I really don’t like other people. I have learned to live with it, I am not a good gamer. I love to game and will play almost anything but I am not very good with the gamer culture.