holllywood babble onHollywood Babble-On was my first. Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith took my pod-cherry together. They stormed into my week, forced me to slog through a backlog of aural goodness and then continued to make me come back for more. And not only do I come back for more… I look forward to Hollywood Babble On each and every week.

I got into podcasts and in particular this podcast in the fall of 2011. I read online that Kevin smith had a podcast. I didn’t know what the hell a podcast was but it was Kevin Smith so I was thinking that I would check this out. I didn’t know how to listen to a podcast. I streamed the first one from the website. I kid you not.

Now, in case you have been living on the other side of the podcast moon, Hollywood Babble-On is hosted by Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman. Ralph, of course, is an actor, comedian, voice actor and radio personality. Kevin has done a little bit of it all in Hollywood. These two together are one of the best duos in podcast history. Their friendship makes this more than just a podcast. It is an ongoing weekly discussion between two friends. It is also a live show with an audience that gets to be involved at every turn.

holllywood babble onPart of what you listen for are the various segments that make up Hollywood Babble-On. From Inappropriate Toys to Anne Heche’s Butthole – the segments, ever-changing, ever-evolving and always scored by a theme song, are a huge part of the show. Whether Sexy Kev is giving love advice or Adma West and Bane are singing a duet I never can wait to see what Ralph and Kevin will come up with next.

Of course, the segment that outlasts them all is Liam Neeson’s Cock. It is a huge part of the end of every show. Kev and Ralph pay lip service to this storied member as their sign off each week. In fact, they have even gotten foreign countries involved in exclaiming the width and girth of this Hollywood man-mark… landmark – sorry.

If you have never listened to Hollywood Babble-On add it to your playlist and get ready for some irrevrant, hysterical at times touching fun once a week.

May these two never split up and let us all hope they keep the funny coming.