Haley Joel Osment

Born April 10, 1988

Haley Joel Osment


  • Forrest Gump – Osment comes in toward the end of this movie playing Gump’s son. You could really see how good of an actor he was and was going to be. There was so much of the Forest Gump character in his characterization that it was a little spooky.
  • The Sixth Sense – This could act his balls off. He and Bruce Willis were wonderful together and he sold so well you didn’t guess the plot twist at all.
  • Pay It Forward – Maybe my favorite of all of his films. This is such a tearjerker, such a well crafter movie. Osment shines from the opening to the close – well almost to the close.
  • AI: Artificial Intelligence – Another huge role for a very young actor. Not ever at the very top of anybody’s list but it is a good watch nonetheless.
  • Tusk & Yoga Hosers – Here are my two newest favs. Kevin Smith’s Northern Horror Trilogy. These are unbelievably good and fun to watch. Old school rubber monster horror at its 21st century best.

The best advice my dad ever gave me is that acting is believing. Acting is not acting. It isn’t putting on a face and dancing around in a mask. It’s believing that you are that character and playing him as if it were a normal day in the life of that character.

-Haley Joel Osment

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