I love the upcycled nature of this sculpture “Four Screen Computer Desk Decor” and the retro vibe mixing with the new-age work-from-home multi-monitor setup. The attention to detail and if you’re looking at everything else this artist has made there are lots of other pieces to mix and match, Give your workspace that cool vibe and have something in your Zoom meetings that will make everyone else start asking where you got that cool piece of art.

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From sparkplugguy on Etsy:
This is a sculpture of a home office computer guy with four screens and a lamp I made for my IBM Selectric typewriter ball with his dog laying down behind him has a wrench Inc. to hold a lamp up and two keyboards.


  • My 4th Cooley piece; looking for my 5th
  • I ordered the computer guy behind the three computers with the coffee mug and you can also use this as a business card holder. I was super satisfied and happy with my purchase. I would definitely purchase from this shop again.
  • Absolutely love this piece! I roller skate and I jeep and I have a dog. So what a great piece to represent 3 of my loves. Oh, and I guess the other rider can be my hubby. Lol. Absolutely love the creativity!
  • This is adorable, my son loved it. He’s working at IBM and I didn’t realize the “lamp” is a retired IBM product.