b-movie-coollageEmbrace that Movie for What It Is or Was Supposed to Be. Do not make the assumption that every movie is made to win an Oscar. Not all movies are film or art and not all films are good movies. To me, a movie is built, designed for entertainment. A movie can be entertaining without being good. But “good” is an interesting concept. If by good you are looking for high production value, world class acting and a deep well-crafted plot, then B-Movies are not good movies. But if you are looking for sheer entertainment value, give me Bruce Campbell and a bad horror movie any day of the week.

Some Examples:

CHUD II: Bud the Chud
Embrace that Movie for What It Is or Was Supposed to Behis is a sequel to a much better, kinda better horror movie. CHUD, in this case stands for Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers. In the second installment of the CHUD series we are focused on the one, left over zombie from the original. A zombie named Bud. Bud slips through the military’s fingers and begins to infect the town turning them all into mindless zombies.

Not great acting, not great production value, but damn is it a fun movie to watch. B-Movie mastery here in the fun of watching a partially funny almost serious zombie movie. From Bud mugging at the camera to the ending scene where you realize there could be a CHUD 3 (there isn’t, don’t worry), this is a perfect example of a movie that is not well made but that is fun as hell to watch.

Only the God damndest, ugliest barber I’ve ever seen. – Colonel Masters

Army of Darkness
Embrace that Movie for What It Is or Was Supposed to Behe third in the Evil Dead series of movies, Army of Darkness continues the exploits of Ash. Ash, played by Bruce Campbell, is all that you want a hero in an action horror movie to be. Sam Raimi did not mean for this movie to win awards, Bruce Campbell was not thinking that he would get an Oscar for Best Leading Man but what they did was create one of the most endearing cult movies that has ever been made.

One of my favorite parts of AoD is the one liners. No one in holiday delivers a one-liner like Bruce Campbell. He is the king of the B-Movies and we all love and adore him for it.

Alright you Primitive Screwheads, listen up! You see this? This… is my BOOMSTICK! The twelve-gauge double-barreled Remington. S-Mart’s top of the line. – Ash

Scary Movie 2
Embrace that Movie for What It Is or Was Supposed to Behe first of the great modern parody/spoof movies. The Wayan Brothers killed it with the first Scary Movie flicks. This one is one of my favorites of the whole series. Scary Movie 1 is fantastic but some of the characters that the brought out in Scary Movie 2 where amazing. Chris Elliot is the standout. He is over-the-top and wonderful as Handyman the caretaker and butler. Go watch the scene where he is serving the food. He is creepy, genius throughout the whole scene.

And of course, this movie has Tim Curry in it. He will pop-up a lot in the movies I choose to write about, trust me.

Cindy, this is a skeleton, this is bones! Would you run from Callista Flockheart? – Brenda Meeks

Embrace that Movie for What It Is or Was Supposed to Be watched this movie on Netflix with in days of it turning up as a suggestion. I watched it and loved it. Soon after that the company I work for picked up a cabin in the Smoky Mountains by the same name – I know what better name for a cabin int he mountains than Zombeavers.

A chemical spill. Zombie Beavers. College kids in the woods. In my mind you have the makings of a fantastic 90-120 minutes worth of uncomplicated, horror movie goodness. I really dig bad horror movies and I have watched my fair share.

Did the creators of Zombeavers think they were making the best horror movie ever – NO! They were making a fun horror movie with a weird concept that sounded fun. I say make a Zombeavers 2.

We cannot turn against each other right now. That’s exactly what the beavers would want. – Sam

I am the perfect movie watcher. I will watch just about anything. I will watch bad movies, good movies, documentaries and everything in between. I don’t care what the movie is, I don’t care if it is some magnum opus of a movie. They don’t all have to be Schindlers List, they don’t all even have to be Ghostbusters. Sometimes, I just want to be entertained.

Embrace that Movie for What It Is or Was Supposed to Be