Elizabeth Banks

Born February 10, 1974

Elizabeth Banks is one of those truly funny people in Hollywood. On top of that, she is a director and a producer. Banks is going to be pushing the envelope and setting the trend in Hollywood for a long time.


  • Pitch Perfect 2 – Director – While this movie didn’t hit me the same way as the original, I still love it. Tremendous movie with lots of heart and great humor. It works on so many levels. Oh yeah, and she is funny as hell in this movie.
  • Pitch Perfect – Producer – I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I would never have thought that a movie about college acapella teams would be nearly this good or that it would suck me in but I love it. Oh yeah, and she is funny as hell in it too.
  • Wet Hot American Summer Series – The whole set of these. The original movie and both the series on Netflix. They capture the summer raunchy comedy perfectly. Ensemble cast ASSEMBLE!
  • Zack and Miri Make a Porno – Anybody who knows me knew this was going to pop up on her list. Kev Smith movie with a lot of heart and plenty of over the top humor.

I think comedy has to be very fearless, or it just gets bland.

-Elizabeth Banks

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