Elijah Wood – Born January 28, 1981

Elijah Wood, Frodo to some,


  • The Good Son – This might have been one of the first movies that I remember Elijah Wood in. He played the protagonist to the very evil Macaulay Culkin. Love this movie. If it is not in your movie history you are wrong. Make this right and go watch The Good Son… now.
  • Deep Impact – This flick gets overshadowed by Armageddon all the time. Deep Impact is a different, just a good, summer blockbuster with an asteroid.
  • The Faculty – Aliens at school and Elijah Wood is a high schooler. Horror at its late 90s best.
  • Fellowship of the Rings Trilogy – Frodo in all three. He and Sam were the heart of the movie. Great emotion and plenty of acting from Wood in the three LotR movies. They were too damn long but they were good.
  • Sin City – Wood is the psychotic Kevin in Sin City. Emotionless and very demented. One of the highlights of a favorite of mine.
  • Dirk Gentley’s Holistic Detective Agency – Not enough room to talk about how good this series is. I will have to re-watch and review.

I’m kind of insane when it comes to music, a little obsessed.

-Elijah Wood

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