Christian Bale – Born January 30, 1974

Christian Bale. People that know me well are probably surprised that I am celebrating him on his birthday. I am very outspoken about not liking him as Batman (certainly his most well-known role). If someone could tell me if it was him or Chris Nolan that decided on asthmatic-Batman, I might change my mind. All of that said, I am a bit of a fan. He is a very talented actor when he is playing anything but Batman, and I still blame that on Nolan.


  • American Psycho – This was my first experience with Christian Bale. I love this movie. Very creative and very interesting and Christian Bale chewed all of the scenery, all of the costumes and some of his cast I think. Damn good piece of acting.
  • 3:10 to Yuma – I have seen the original and I like this version better. I know that Yuma is a Russell Crowe vehicle but Christian Bale really shone in this as well. He and Crowe play so well together I would love to see them in adversarial roles more often.
  • The Dark Knight – This is the one shining point in the Nolan-Verse Batman trilogy. Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart were the standouts but if I don’t mention one of these movies people will be pissed. Batman… he played Batman.
  • The Fighter – Another role where Bale wore the work as well as acting it out. Terrific movie, rewatchable, and full of emotions.

It’s got to do with putting yourself in other people’s shoes and seeing how far you can come to truly understand them. I like the empathy that comes from acting.

-Christian Bale

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