Contagion, 2011 – ★★★

This one is a little too close to our current situation and waaay to prophetic. That said, this is a really good movie with all kinds of big names in it. From Lawrence Fishburne to Matt Damon to Bryan Cranston, there are some really big names that step into cameo roles and act their butts off. The storyline is pretty accurate and straight forward. I really wonder if people that watch dit in 2011 when it came out were thinking that it was wrong or that it couldn’t happen that way. Man could it happen that way… just saying.

Digging Up the Marrow, 2014 – ★★★

I love Adam Green. This is a fun mockumentary. Adam Green playing himself,Kane Hodder playing himself. Everybody kinda playing themselves except for the lead actor that is playing the role of someone that is crazy or maybe he is not. Neat script and fun to watch.

The Resort, 2021 – ★★½

I wanted a little more out of it. There is a really good premise here and some good story telling but I did want more out of the movie. It was suspenseful but I would not push it as a horror movie. Worth watching once if you have nothing else to watch.

Dreamcatcher, 2021 – ★

This was a relatively boring movie. The poster was good, so I thought it might at least be a good-bad horror movie (you know low budget and stuff). I was wrong. It drug by. The slasher was dull, though his outfit was kinda neat. His kills were boring. All of the pieces you want from a slasher movie, they really missed. If they had taken out the deaths it would have been a YA drama on TV.