I Sell Comics

I Sell Comics

I Sell Comics is part of the SmodCo network of podcasts. Starring Mike and Ming, this podcasts has at its heart comic books but it covers any and every other topic that happens to cross the minds of the hosts. From interviews to ribbing the folks at Tell Em Steve Dave, from what happened at their last con to what happened on their TV show Comic Book Men – Mike and Ming can discuss any topic and entertain the masses while they do it.

I Sell Comics

Mike Zapcic

Mike Zapcic is one of the full-time employees at Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in Redbank, NJ. He was part of the crew there before they all became pop-culture names. He is now part of the SmodCo network on I Sell Comics and any other show that he is needed for. He is also part of the cast on AMC’s Comic Book Men. Mike is also a walking encyclopedia of comic book knowledge. He has a very even eye when it comes to comics, not seeming to favor either of the big two (DC or Marvel) – though he is a huge fan if Nightwing so he might swing a little more toward the DC line of books. That being said he is able to speak to any of the many titles that he reads or has read.

I Sell Comics

Ming Chen

Ming Chen joined up with Kevin Smith when he was hired to build the original website for Kevin’s brand www.ViewAskew.com. Since that time, back in the 90s, Ming has stuck with View Askew and all of the rest of Kevin’s projects. He is part of the cast on Comic Book Men and he is on every podcast that he can find. Ming has a talent for podcasting and for drawing good conversations out of people that he is interviewing. Add to this a great enthusiasm for whatever topic he is talking about and a being talkative to a fault and you have the best personality possible for a podcast.

One of my favorite parts of I Sell Comics each week is their recap of what has just come out. I used to collect and I enjoyed looking through those new issues and reading every issue that they put in my pull box. Now that I am not an avid collector anymore, it is nice to hear about what is going on in the world of comics from two guys that spend their days working in and around comic books.

I Sell Comics is a big part of my podcast playlist which covers many of the SmodCo podcasts. These two guys always bring a smile to my face and the part I like best is the connection and friendship that they have together.

Hollywood Babble On

Hollywood Babble On

holllywood babble onHollywood Babble-On was my first. Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith took my pod-cherry together. They stormed into my week, forced me to slog through a backlog of aural goodness and then continued to make me come back for more. And not only do I come back for more… I look forward to Hollywood Babble On each and every week.

I got into podcasts and in particular this podcast in the fall of 2011. I read online that Kevin smith had a podcast. I didn’t know what the hell a podcast was but it was Kevin Smith so I was thinking that I would check this out. I didn’t know how to listen to a podcast. I streamed the first one from the website. I kid you not.

Now, in case you have been living on the other side of the podcast moon, Hollywood Babble-On is hosted by Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman. Ralph, of course, is an actor, comedian, voice actor and radio personality. Kevin has done a little bit of it all in Hollywood. These two together are one of the best duos in podcast history. Their friendship makes this more than just a podcast. It is an ongoing weekly discussion between two friends. It is also a live show with an audience that gets to be involved at every turn.

holllywood babble onPart of what you listen for are the various segments that make up Hollywood Babble-On. From Inappropriate Toys to Anne Heche’s Butthole – the segments, ever-changing, ever-evolving and always scored by a theme song, are a huge part of the show. Whether Sexy Kev is giving love advice or Adma West and Bane are singing a duet I never can wait to see what Ralph and Kevin will come up with next.

Of course, the segment that outlasts them all is Liam Neeson’s Cock. It is a huge part of the end of every show. Kev and Ralph pay lip service to this storied member as their sign off each week. In fact, they have even gotten foreign countries involved in exclaiming the width and girth of this Hollywood man-mark… landmark – sorry.

If you have never listened to Hollywood Babble-On add it to your playlist and get ready for some irrevrant, hysterical at times touching fun once a week.

May these two never split up and let us all hope they keep the funny coming.


7 Days A Geek

7 Days A Geek

7 days a geekMy podcast playlist keeps me in anticipation each and every week. I pull down to refresh and it feels like I am playing the slots with a 100% chance to win. One of my favorite jackpots is when the 7 Days a Geek podcast rolls out a new pod. It is a highlight and I find myself skipping other shows to listen to The Angry Ginger and the rest of the crew at Monkey Poo Studios. Pop-Culture, movies, comics – pretty much everything that I am interested in pops up from time to time on the 7DAG show.

I originally started following the hosts of the show on one of their other podcasts: The Last Podcaster Standing. TLPS has been on hiatus and it is much missed in the podcasting world. At least, in my podcasting world. Loved this show. I have never listened to a more off the wall podcast with a more entertaining cast. It was a group of friends that just got together and shot the shit for a little while each week. When they announced their hiatus – seems like it might be permanent now – I had heard The Angry Ginger talk about another show he was doing called 7 Days a Geek. I did not have to give this new podcast the Three Episode Challenge. I subscribed and started playing catch up on the backlog.

7 days a geek7 Days A Geek is hosts by Jason, The Angry Ginger. The rest of the cast changes from time to time but The Angry Ginger is the constant voice of the show. Because of the very transparent nature of the cast, you get to know the people, their families and a lot about their lives. You get to know them. You get to look forward to their voices streaming into your ears each week and the laughter and joy they bring tot he table helps get you through the week. Unlike most of the podcasts I listen to during the week, these are regular folks with real jobs talking about what they Geek Out About. That is the recipe that makes 7 Days a Geek wonderful.

The cast of the cast:

  • The Angry Ginger is the core. The ever present. The persistent voice on this podcast. He is the driving force. Others come and go, but Jason always seems to push through and keeps the show rolling… several shows rolling… he keeps over 1000 podcasts going at any given time. OK, not a 1000 but there is a podcast out there or one to be made he has thought about it.
  • The Kilted One is currently MIA as of the writing of this article. Grant is just as quick-witted as Jason, just as technically savvy and his want for podcasting perfection is at the highest level. He floats into and out of the podcasting scene and this show from time to time but I do love it when he makes it on the show. Grant, you are missed.
  • Agent Palmer is one of the newest additions to the show. Starting as a lowly producer, he is now on air talent. I am looking forward to his next yearly review.

7 days a geekFor the last two years, The 7 Days a Geek crew has put on an event that they have dubbed Podtoberfest. The first year it was a 24 hour podcast. 2016 Saw a multi-day marathon. The show then gets cut up for November and we get to experience 30 Days of podcasting. Again, they are groundbreaking and I can’t recommend this show enough.

I have learned a lot from listening to these guys over the years. Here are just a few takeaways:

  1. The 3 Episode Challenge – This applies to everything. Podcasts, TV Shows, etc. Watch three of anything before you give up on it.
  2. BitCoins – Not a good podcast topic…
  3. Always Be Creating. Do not give up. If one project doesn’t take off, try soemthing else. Keep those creative juices flowing.
  4. Be Real. Don’t shy away from letting the audience now you or get to know you.
  5. Don’t Ever Do the Cinnamon Challenge! EVER!

7 Days A Geek

Podcasts – Talk Radio Whenever You Need It

Podcasts – Talk Radio Whenever You Need It

podcastMuch earlier in y life, I was Talk Radio junkie. High School and college, if I was in the car be myself I was most likely listening to the local talk radio station. Saturdays I looked forward to ar Talk and Wait Wait Don’t Tell me on NPR. At some point, with my tastes in radio changing, I fell out of love with terrestrial talk radio and started listening to more and more music, or a book on tape if I had the extra scratch to drop on an expensive set of Cds – and none of this abridged crap for me – unabridged only. Then, sometime in 2011, I found a new way to listen to talk radio,on demand anytime I wanted to; the podcast. Podcasts – Talk radio whenever you need it.

My first, the podcast that stole my aural cherry when it came to podcasts was Hollywood Babble-On. I found out that it existed from reading an article about Kevin Smith. I was intrigued, what was this thing called a PodCast? What was Hollywood Bable-On? I went to the person that I always went to for technology questions, the person that I still depend on to have their ear to the geek-grindstone – one of my coworkers. He knew what podcasts were and had been listening to them for a while. He told me how i could download them and use an app on my phone to stream them or listen to them after I downloaded them. I was even more intrigued. Now, at that point in my day job, I worked in the IT department doing travel writing and photography. One of the other guys in the department had been using an app called Beyond Pod to manage his podcasts. I wasn’t sure why I would need to manage one podcast but I figured it was worth downloading the free version and checking this out. I am a huge Kevin Smith fan so it made sense to make this my first/only podcast.

rss-feed-iconDownloaded the App, added HBO and got ready to listen to my first podcast. To say that I was an easy adopter of this technology was an understatement. To say that I am hooked on this type of audio formatted entertainment is also underselling how addicted I am. I love the variety of the content. I love the ease in added podcasts to my playlist. I love that I don’t have to do anything more than slide the screen downward on my phone to update the playlist.

It has become part of my morning ritual. My alarm goes off (the alarm on my phone of course). I pick up mu phone, turn off the alarm and then open Beyond Pod and start the app checking the feeds that I have stored, looking for new podcasts to download. Feeds – RSS Feeds – Really Simple Syndication – this is the tech that podcasts use, that podcast apps like iTunes and Beyond Pod use to find updates. Very easy technology and easy to setup on a website. Podcasts, in and of themselves, are easy as well. MP3 or 4 format. Save the file, use a plugin or some other service to push them to a distribution service – viola – You have a podcast.

the hard part about a podcast is making it interesting, finding an audience and keeping it going. We are going to have a podcast on This Geeks World. Who knows, down the road we may have several. Podcasts are yet another easy, cheap way to be entertaining instead of being entertained. That was actuallly something I picked up on one ofthe first SmodCo podcasts that I listened to back in 2011. Kevein Smith challenged those listening to be entertaining instead of eing entertained. This Geeks World is an offshoot of that challenge.

Here is to hoping that you are being entertained.

StarTalk Radio Podcast

StarTalk Radio Podcast

startalkradioI have a secret science crush. I have had this crush for a while but it got worse when I started listening to the StarTalk Radio podcast with Neil deGrasse Tyson (NdT). I don’t know how I am so late to the party picking this podcast up but now that I have found it, I get to stream NdT into my earhole at least once a week. Sometimes I go back and listen to older episodes just to get a fix. In a StarTalk Radio podcast, you get humor, science, life and logical discussion in easy to digest chunks… and NdT.

Just in case you have been under a rock, let me tell you a little about NdT. Neil deGrasse Tyson is this generation’s Carl Sagan. He is the pre-eminent astrophysicist in America today and, more importantly, he is one of the biggest promoters of science to our very unscientific pop-culture. There was a time when science and scientists were sexy. When astronauts were America’s heroes.  NdT brought Sagan’s Cosmos back to the masses, for a new generation. He appears on TV shows and in movies and in documentaries. He keeps himself in front of the public, all the while throwing some science at the people. His day job is Director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York City – this guy is a real scientist but he is different than the stereotype. He shatters that stereotype. But, when you hear him dig into a subject with his guests… he knows his stuff.

Back to the topic at hand. The StarTalk Radio podcast has many different styles and formats. A typical episode will have NdT and a guest or two or three. These guests will run the gambit from scientists to authors to comedians. He chooses people that he is interested in. He chooses people that make him think, that are thought-provoking and sometimes you can see that he is geeking out over talking to them just as much as we are geeking out listening to them. You will run across Cosmic Queries, in which our intrepid host takes questions from the interwebs with the help of a co-host. Did I mention that a lot of the time NdT has comedians as his co-hosts? Eugene Mirman and Chuck Nice are the two that appear on the show most but anyone might turn up. Dr. Tyson has done a very good job of surrounding himself with interesting, funny, witty, smart people. All of these factors makes this a podcast that I wait for each and every week.

star-talk-liveThen there is Star Talk Live. Live shows, that you can attend, around the country. Yes, you can go catch a StarTalk Radio episode live! Again, the panel at these shows is diverse and interesting, thought-provoking and most of all fun. These live shows end up as podcasts but certainly if you are so inclined and live in the proximity they are going to having one, GO SEE IT and let us all know how awesome it is. These live shows usually have a bigger cast of characters but they are just as entertaining and full of NdT as a regular StarTalk Radio podcast.

Bill Nye is a fixture of the StarTalk Radio Show. Again, if you have lived under a rock most of your life, you may have missed Bill Nye. And to that, I say – SHAME. Bill Nye was a fixture of my childhood with his show Bille Nye the Science Guy. This show, much like StarTalk, tries to bring science to the masses. BNtSG broke down science for children and young adults making it fun and entertaining. Bill Nye has had a resurgence as of late both in his role on StarTalk Radio, on popular shows like The Big Bang Theory and just popping up in pop-culture all over the place. Google Bill Nye and Ken Ham on YouTube if you want to see a great scientific debate.

Anyway, add the StarTalk Radio podcast to your podcast playlist. Great show, very informative and just delightful. This is the way that I get my Neil deGrasse Tyson fix each week. Check it out!