Pitch Perfect 3, 2017 – ★★★

The first one is still the best but this is second best as far as I am concerned. Amy’s dad being a criminal and her having ninja like mob skills is one of the most fun parts oof the whole movie. The music is good and quite frankly the ending is perfect and ties up the other movies into a nice little bow.

Pitch Perfect 2, 2015 – ★★★

Not as fabulous as the first one but still very good for their sophomore outing. The continuation of the storyline, picking up with the Bellas trying to prove they are still worthy. Brining in some new blood. And they even still played with some of those troupes from the first movie, like Bumper and Fat Amy. This is my least favorite of the three movies but worth watching from time to time for sure.

Pitch Perfect, 2012 – ★★★½

One of those rewatchable movies that you can watch once a week and not get bored with. Besides just being a fun movie, it has a tremendous cast with great timing and chemistry. The comedic talent in this film fills up the whole screen and there is not one actor in this that does not swing for the fence with every punch line. Add to all of this the weirdness of a movie about an college acapella competition and this is one of my favorite modern comedies.