Burt Reynolds

Born February 11, 1936

Burt Reynolds! There is almost nothing more that I can say about him. His name might as well be a noun, pronoun, and verb. I cannot say that he should be an adverb… but maybe. Love his movies and whether you hate his movies or not you have to admit that they are entertaining.


  • The Longest Yard (1974) – This is the original. Reynolds as Paul Crewe. Passion, comedy, drama – love it. The last scene, where Crewe goes to get the game ball is particularly good.
  • Smokey and the Bandit – I chose the YouTube clip from this movie because it is my favorite Burt Reynolds flick. There is something about the pairing of Reynolds and Gleason that you have to love.
  • Deliverance – While not my favorite. This might be Reynolds best work. This is a classic and it is also a must-see.
  • Without a Paddle – When Burt Reynolds stepped into frame, this movie grew to even bigger heights in my mind. Talk about scene stealing. He completely overshadowed everything that Green, Lillard, and Shepard had done up to this part.
  • Best Little Whorehouse in Texas – OK, I lied. This is probably my favorite Burt Reynolds movie. Though, it might also be the entire cast that makes me love this movie.

My movies were the kind they show in prisons and airplanes, because nobody can leave.

-Burt Reynolds

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