Bryan Cranston

Born March 7, 1956

Bryan Cranston hit my radar when he was on Seinfeld, one of the best sitcoms ever. Then he was on Malcolm in the Middle – another of my favorites that I have binge-ed through several times. Then he changes gears and he is the lead on one of the best dramas ever written: Breaking Bad.


  • Seinfeld – Dr. Tim Whatley supplied some of the best gags in Seinfeld history that weren’t attributed directly to the fab four. From the anti-dentite to the party, Tim Whatley was comedy gold.
  • Malcolm in the MIddle – This is one of my favorite sitcoms ever. Cranston as Hal steals every scene that he is in. He is the comic relief in a comedy. He is the over-the-top character in a sea of over-the-top characterizations. The video clip that I included is one of my favorites from the show.
  • Breaking Bad – Walter White… I don’t know where to start. The evolution of the character. The change over time. The fierceness and then the pay off over the last season and in particular the last few episodes.

You need to tell the truth to the audience, or they will throw a brick through the TV. They’ll turn you off.

-Bryan Cranston

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