Bruce Willis

Born March 19, 1955

Bruce Willis is a part of pop-culture. From the Seagram’s ads back in the 80s and Moonlighting to the Die Hard movies, he has shaped how we look at leading men and what those leading men can look like and what they can do on screen.


  • Moonlighting – 1985. Moonlighting hits the air and Willis is there as David Addison and TV will not be the same. The epitome of cool and raucously funny, this show was Must See TV before there was such a thing.
  • Pulp Fiction – Willis has one of the best lines in the whole movie: “Zeds dead, baby.”
  • Unbreakable – I love this movie. The fact that they are looking at re-visiting this universe makes me happy.
  • Friends – Willis as Jennifer Anniston’s love interest was perfect casting. The scene where he is getting himself psyched up for a weekend away in the cabin and he is singing to himself – comedy gold.

You can’t undo the past… but you can certainly not repeat it.

-Bruce Willis

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