blurry phtoos logoI am jumping ahead of myself but I need to share a podcast that I listened to today – Blurry Photos Podcast: Episode 157 Numerology. I have not taken the time to give them a full review on the website yet, or even to delve into my deep love of podcasts or podcasting yet, but this episode almost made me run off the road on the way to work this morning.

To give you a brief glimpse into the Blurry Photos podcast:

  • they tackle, as their subject matter, all things occult, cryptid, unknown and
  • they are a humorous podcast that does a hell of a lot of research and they always bring their A Game when it comes to presenting their topic with lots facts
  • each show ends with PUNS – lots and lots of PUNS – Amazing Puns
  • Blurry Photos does really involves their listeners

The Numerology Episode – Click Here to listen

blurry photos numerology Their latest show, Numerology, was ridiculously funny. The bit that almost caused an accident was the opener. They took their new found knowledge of numerology and turned that knowledge on the Olympic Games. Their explanation of why the various athletes were winning, were due to win or were going to win in the next Olympics had me in tears. From the opener, they dive into the history of numerology and even touch on more modern creators of this movement.

Again, as you listen to the show, you will hear them go from the heights of comedy to a true discussion of the pros and cons of numerology. It is really interesting to listen to them work both sides of the discussion from good nature ribbing to a true debate on the problems with numerology as a whole. Very informative, very light-hearted and completely entertaining.

This was my favorite episode I have listened to so far.

The pun section at the end of the show was very number heavy including the philosopher T-Bag-Arius – listen to the show to learn more about this ancient Greek and how he used numbers to nail down a particularly good burn. And as usual the got the listeners involved as they sent in their own punny emails and notes to the guys that man the show.

blurry photos castSpeaking of the cast: a huge thank you to all the funny from Dave Stecco and David Flora – the hosts of Blurry Photos Podcast. The do conventions from time to time and live shows. Start listening to Blurry Photos and see if you can spread the word. Start with the Numerology episode… BUT DON’T DRIVE WHILE YOU ARE LISTENING!

Blurry Photos Podcast – Episode 157 Numerology