Stars with Disturbing Parents

Stars with Disturbing Parents

Why are their so many stars with disturbing parents? Is it the same percentage as us normal folk and their celebrity puts them in the public eye? Or are they more prone to having a lot more crazy and creepy because of their talent? Stars with Disturbing Parents:


stars with disturbing parents - thora birchMost kids from the 1990’s remember Thora Birch as the child actress in big roles in Now and Then and Hocus Pocus. She went on to become a successful actress in her teens in films like American Beauty with Kevin Spacey and Ghost World with Scarlett Johansson. However, she then dropped off the radar and the big reason was her father, Jack Birch. This guy is a real piece of work who could not keep out of his daughter’s career. On the set of Winter of Frozen Dreams, Jack Birch was present when his then 26-year-old daughter was filming a sex scene opposite Dean Winters. Mr. Birch reportedly even gave the actor a thumbs-up during the scene. Oh, and having porn star Carol Connors as a mother probably didn’t help much either!


stars with disturbing parents - kardashiansBefore Kim Kardashian was famous, she was an assistant to Nicole Richie, who was on “The Simple Life” reality series with Paris Hilton. After Paris released her sex tape, Kim released one as well with Ray J, her boyfriend at the time. Kris has definitely earned her title as “momager” who will stop at nothing to keep her family famous, including brokering a deal for the release of Kim’s sex tape. Forcing her family to sign endorsement deals and appearances when they do not want to is also something that is not beyond her as she acts as executive of her children’s fortune.


stars with disturbing parents - barrymoreJaid Barrymore is most famous for posing for Playboy in the 70’s. This awesome mom took her daughter Drew to the club, Studio 54, before the child could even walk. She taught her daughter how to drink alcohol at age 9, then led her to jump to cocaine at age 13. This was followed by Drew having two stints in rehab before age 15. In a 2014 interview with Marie Claire magazine she said “I’ve always been empathetic toward my mom, and I was even more so when I had a kid and we had a really amazing conversation about it,” Barrymore, 39, said of her mother Jaid. “However, it hasn’t enabled me to lessen the distance. It’s the hardest subject in my life. I’ve never just been angry with her. I’ve always felt guilt and empathy and utter sensitivity. But we can’t really be in each other’s lives at this point.”


stars with disturbing parents - simpsonJessica Simpson’s father Joe Simpson has had his share of controversy. In a 2004 interview he was quoted as saying “She’s got double D’s! You can’t cover those suckers up!” Keep in mind that Joe Simpson is a pastor. After those comments about her breasts were reported Jessica claims that her father’s public comments regarding her breasts did not embarrass her. She added, “My family is extremely close. I talk to my mom about my sex life. That’s not something that creeps me out.” To each their own! Not sure which is weirder, him saying it or her thinking that it’s perfectly normal.


stars with disturbing parents - cyrusTalk about a strange family. Billy Ray Cyrus was on set during the Vanity Fair shoot where his teenage daughter and Disney star went topless, covering herself with a sheet. Billy Ray is quoted as saying “I think it’s really artsy. It wasn’t in a skanky way (LOL!)…And you can’t say no to Annie Leibovitz. She’s so cute. She gets this puppy dog look and you’re like, ‘OK’.” If that wasn’t enough, that particular magazine spread has a rather conspicuous photo of the father-daughter pair, with Miley sprawled out on her dad.


stars with disturbing parents - love-cobainCourtney Love readily admits that she is a junkie who was using heroin when she was pregnant with Frances. Courtney claimed that Kurt Cobain’s Nirvana bandmate Dave Grohl tried to molest Frances, to which the fed-up daughter replied, “While I’m generally silent on the affairs of my biological mother, her recent tirade has taken a gross turn. I have never been approached by Dave Grohl in more than a platonic way. I’m in a monogamous relationship and very happy.” Courtney lost custody of her daughter in 2009 and Frances Cobain got a restraining order against her.

This is the real winner here if trophies are going to be handed out for Stars with Disturbing Parents


stars with disturbing parents - lohanMichael Lohan is one of the most diabolic celebrity parents ever. From the multiple arrests for domestic battery to the press conferences he holds to alert the media that Lindsay abuses prescription pills, he is the epitome of the disturbing parent. It doesn’t stop there. He repeatedly releases comments on how Lindsay is under the influence of drugs and needs help. Mr. Lohan has also released private phone recordings between himself and Lindsay to the press, all in the name of “helping” his daughter. If there ever was a person desperate to stay in the public’s eye and on the news it is Michael Lohan. Here is one of the best family photos ever.

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey

How can such a sexy beast be such, well a beast! Ronda Rousey is an inspiration and always amazing in everything that she does.

Needless to say that Ronda Rousey has taken the UFC by storm and has quickly become the face of what has traditionally been a male dominated sport. She is the complete opposite of what you would expect a UFC fighter to be. When you think of boxers or Martial Artist not too many pretty faces come to mind. Most of us when we hear of female fighters we automatically think of a big burly Russian chick that looks like Draco from the Rocky movies.

But Ronda is the antithesis of all things competitive fighting used to be. Not only is she a knock out in the ring but is a total knock out as a woman. She has a record of 12-0 with only one fight lasting more than 1 round and 9 of the 12 bouts lasted less than 1 minute. This statistic is amazing male or female.

To say that she is a phenom is putting it lightly. She holds the Featherweight and the Bantamweight UFC Championship belts.

Ronda Rousey was the first U.S. woman to earn an Olympic medal in Judo at the Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008. In 2015, Rousey was ranked number one of fifty Most Dominant Athletes Alive. Rousey is the consensus #1 pound-for-pound female MMA fighter in the world, according to MMARising, MMAWeekly, and other publications. She is ranked #1 at 135 pounds according to the Unified Women’s MMA Rankings. Fight Matrix lists her as the #1 Current Women’s MMA Bantamweight Fighter, the #1 Current Pound for Pound Women’s MMA Fighter, and the #1 Women’s MMA Fighter of all time. As of June 20, 2015, she is the #4 pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC.

She has also had a feature role in the Expendables 3 film and also appeared in Furious 7 and Entourage. She also has a role in the upcoming film, Mile 22, and is featured in multiple commercials. In her personal life she is very conscience of her image.

Rousey appeared nude on the cover of ESPN The Magazine’s 2012 Body Issue and in a pictorial therein. Touching upon the strategic cropping, poses, and arm placement used in the photos to make them less revealing, Rousey explained: With all these ring girls posing fully nude– all of this goes back to advice my mom gave me…. She said, ‘Look, whatever pictures you put out there are gonna be out there forever, so just think, whatever you want your son or daughter, or even your 13-year-old little sister to see, keep that in mind.’ So, whatever I’m not gonna show on a beach, I’m not gonna show in a magazine.

Rousey was formerly a vegan, but describes her current diet as “kind of a mix between a Paleo and a Warrior diet”.

She originally opposed using the nickname her friends gave her, “Rowdy”, feeling it would be disrespectful to professional wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. After meeting Piper through Gene LeBell, who helped train both of them, Piper personally gave his approval. Rousey dedicated her successful title defense at UFC 190 to Piper, following his death in July 2015.

She currently has an upcoming bout on November 14th against Holly Holm in Australia. Ronda Rousey has announced some disappointing news though. She says she has no plans to continue fighting into her thirties. The one thing she says she needs to do in order for her to feel like her career is complete is to go up against Cris “Cyborg” Justino. Justino would have to drop some pounds to get down to Ronda’s weight class. Ronda was quoted as saying “If she never steps up, I’ll know,” Rousey said. “I’ll probably go on a little longer waiting for her [to drop in weight], see if she shows up sooner rather than later. I don’t know how much longer I’d go.”

“I don’t want to be fighting in my 30s,” Rousey said. “By 30s, I mean 31, 32. “If you’re actually 30 years old, that’s not 30s — that’s 30. Once you add into 31, that’s 30s, plural.” Well we can all hope that this happens for Ronda Rousey. With such a talent and remarkable career it would be a shame if she left the ring with a feeling that she didn’t do everything that she could before she retires.

(this was pinned prior to her bout with Holly Holm – we will have a more updated article in the future)