ark survival evolvedArk: Survival Evolved finally hit PS4! There was great rejoicing. People lost hours, days weeks of their lives and dinos were tamed. I first heard of this game through a friend who was playing it on PC. He was regaling me with tales of dino taming. Crafting everything from scratch. Building not only weapons and gear but actual buildings. I was intrigued. I went to the nearest source of the interwebs (in this case my phone) and looked for a release date for PS4. They said June of 2016. I was elated – dancing ensued. June came and went and the Ark folks said nope, it is not ready. Back in the oevn. It finally hit in December of 2016. I bought it digitally, something I don’t usually do, and have been playing it every since.

Ark: Survival Evolved - PS4Here is the idea behind Ark: Survival Evolved. You wake up on a beach. You are clad in a loin cloth of sorts. You have to make, build, craft everything. You have to control your food intake, your hydration. You can over heat and you can get hyperthermia. Oh… and there are dinosaurs. Did I mention the dinosaurs? You can tame them, fight them, saddle them, ride them – the dinosaurs are your friends, your enemies – both. Now, you can play Ark by yourself on your own local server or you can play Ark on the web with people. This is one of the truest PvP games I have ever seen. You are in a constant state in game. If you exit the game, on a non-local server, your body falls to the ground. You are technically still there. Someone kills you in game, something kills you in game while you are logged out and you still die. Very intense. I am a chicken, I don’t play that much on large servers.

The best part for me is the fact that you are literally doing everything. From clothing yourself to making all of your tools and weapons you have to build everything and everything tiers up. You have to learn how to make clothes out of cloth to advance to hides to end up with shiny metal armor. You make a slingshot to end up with a sniper rifle. This is a true survival game. I like playing in my own local hosted server because when I stop playing the game stops. I don’t get to play for a set amount of time each day so being able to control the gameplay is important for me.

And speaking of control, this game lets you control everything. On your own server you can control basic gameplay functions like the amount of time to tame a dino, the amount of time that night lasts, damage amounts – literally all of the basic game functions. On top of that, like computer games of old, you have a whole host of admin/console cheats and commands to use. Dino spawning, item spawning, auto-taming, level boosting – you are in control even in this game of survival – if you like to cheat – which I do.

In the end, this is a fun game that can suck your life away or just be a diversion from time to time. The world is entralling, the gameplay is solid and it just keeps getting better. Take the time to check out Ark: Survival Evolved.