Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

In honor of President’s Day, I figured I would talk about a truly presidential movie: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Now, this is a film about a president that can really protect our domestic interests… from the UNDEAD HORDES!

Go find a copy of this in your local cut-out bin or find it streaming somewhere and get ready to celebrate President’s Day. Thi is not your typical docu-dram. This is not your ordinary biopic. This is the legend behind the man that is Lincoln. OK… it is a made up legend about Lincoln if he happened to also be a vampire hunter along with a president of these United States. Axe wielding, rail-splitter using said axe to behead the undead (that is a mouth full). A little steampunk in its feel, a lot of stove pipe hats and top hats. And of course… vampires and axes.

I am not making the claim that this movie should win any awards. I am not saying that the acting was on par with Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln. I am not even stating that this flick doesn’t deserve some razzies (it may have gotten some, I don’t know and it does not matter for the sake of this article).

What I am saying is that for originality. For thinking outside the box. For trying something new, both the book and the movie are interesting and a hell of a lot of fun to consume. So, instead of watching another documentary on one of our founding fathers this President’s day – instead of watching some boring true story about POTUS – track down a copy of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. See the President of the United States of America kick a little undead ass.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Trailer: